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Readers Respond: How Did Pregnancy Affect Your IBS Symptoms?

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Updated October 01, 2012

From the article: Does Pregnancy Affect IBS?
Pregnancy appears to affect irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms differently in different women. For some, pregnancy results in a lessening of IBS symptoms, while in others, pregnancy seems to make things worse. What did you experience? Was your IBS better or worse during pregnancy? Did your symptoms change depending on which trimester you were in? Share your story here and find out about the experiences of others. Share Your Experience!

Lots of Changes!

My whole life, I've had IBS-C, often very painful and uncomfortable. During the first trimester of pregnancy, I always had D. The second trimester, it felt like I was completely IBS-free (as long as diet stayed reasonable)!! It was wonderful. Now, in the third trimester, it's back to IBS-C and the intestinal spasms are the worst they've ever been. Hopefully it'll settle down after giving birth.
—Guest Alyssa


With my second child, I was so constipated! I would keep going back on to the toilet but all I would squeeze out would be one little nugget. It was so frustrating, particularly as I was chasing after another little one at the time. Luckily it got better once I got past my first trimester.

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How Did Pregnancy Affect Your IBS Symptoms?

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