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Readers Respond: How Does Your Period Affect Your IBS?

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Updated October 01, 2012

Glad to see I'm not the only one!

I have been diagnosed with IBS for about 10 years now, and have my good and bad days. I have had many other stomache issues and have had my galbladder removed because of the pain. About a week before my period I become extremely sick. I can't eat anything without it making me sick, even a piece of candy! I get severe gas pains, sometimes so bad i can't even stand up straight. I can't take BC because it makes me sick, as I have tried 4-5 different kinds. I understand what you all are going through and I hope they can figure something out to help make this more normal for all of us! Some days my heating pad is my best friend, but it seems not many other people understand. My coworkers think I am being dramatic when I have to sit down in our back office curled up in pain. It is no fun :( good luck to everyone!
—Guest Amanda

tired of pain

I have been in perimenopause for 3 years now and my IBS is horrible...When it is around my menstrual cycle, which now sometimes is 2 times a month other months I don't get it at all, it's horrible...Stomach cramping, gas bloating, depression, constipation and or diarrhea...Its horrible, I could use any suggestions please.
—Guest loribirn

Gas Pains

I had always had an irregular period and recently I got on BC so it could regulate itself, well I finally got my period and OMG it has been the most painful yet. I have had so much bloating and lots of gas pains. Especially trapped gas underneith my left lower rib cage. Also when I try to eat anything I get these onset sharp gas pains in my stomach. I dont eat much on my period anyway, but the gas pains are making it hard. Also everytime I have had a BM its either been watery or solid and on the smaller side.. This sucks.
—Guest Meagan

I'm not alone!!

I am so happy to have read these posts! I'm 25 and have been dealing with IBS for about 7years now. Diarrhoea around the time of my period has been happening since my periods started. An Imodium here and there works a treat so I'm not running back and forth from the loo all day! Having a cereal bar in the morning helps too :) I have always had really bad cramps with my periods but have got worse recently, codeine and a hot water bottle always cheers me up though! Taking eggs out of my diet around the time of my period has really helped with the IBS, not sure if it'll help everybody, but its worth a try if you're lost for ideas to help! Xxx
—Guest charliedee

sick and tired

I have been in perimenopause for 3 years and my ibs symptoms are now off the charts, severe abdominal pain, cramping, and bloating..Doctors want to give me an antidepressent, but I know this is not in my head..I now have been going through this current flare up for almost 2 and a half weeks, and I have gotten my period 2 times this month..I dont know what to do and which end is up at this point..My wonderful husband has been home from work for 1 weeks to help me and I have 4 kids...any ideas please let me know..Thanks
—Guest loribirn

Glad to find an answer/name to my pain

Hi, I was searching for an explanation/name for the pain I get couple of hours before I have my period and almost all day of day. thankfully I found this page where I can see I am not the only one. I need to see my gp to find out if i have ibs. the pain is unbearable. feels like childbirth pain but from the other end!!! lol i have been going through this since I had my baby number 3 in 2010. Yes and passing the gas is the solution. but it is embarrassing if you get this pain which you can't control to bear it in public. it is true they say 'heaven is under mum/women's steps'. we do go through a hell time with these pains, don't we??? have a nice day/night everyone. tc
—Guest Coconut

Why so Young

Hello I am nineteen and have had symptoms of severe constipation, gas/bloating, cramps for the past year now. I only had these symptoms during my period and felt like I was going crazy because no one believed that these symptoms were related to my period but just some anomaly. After transferring schools from a community college to a university I now live in dorms with awful foods. After the first 2 days I started having diarrhea for the first two months and it was unbearable, I tried 4 different birth controls to help manage the symptoms however they just made me gain weight and over sensitive. Finally I went to the health clinic at my school where a Dr. who wasnt even a OBGYN told me I had IBS afterwards she gave my a certain type of fiber supplements that I take every day. They help with the regular diarrhea but I still have extreme constipation during my period. Still upset but I'm trying to deal with it. Good to know there are more women like me.
—Guest Guest

Holy gas!

I'm glad I'm not the only one! This just started recently : I have really light periods and they usually only last 3-4 days but I'm having really bad gas!! I've been getting gas pains, (or intestinal cramps), diarrhea, and my stomach constantly gurgles the only thing that makes them go away is passing gas... So weird I've had diarrhea before on my period but it went away for about 6 months and now it's back... The joys of being a women.
—Guest Cami

abdominal cramping

I have always had really bad cramps when I get my period, especially the first two days. I have recently noticed that I am also getting severe gas pains on the first two days my period starts. They are horrible and it feels like I am going to have to run to the toilet. I hate it. I would be happy with just 1 period a year if it were up to me!! Ughh, the joys of being a woman. Jen74
—Guest Jen74

I am not the only one!

Wow, I can't believe how many women have the same symptoms. I am 24 and I have had cramps and diarrhea with my period since I can remember. I always took it as life and just lived through it thinking it was just me. Lately my pain has diminished and I find that if I stay away from caffeine, chocolate, sugar, and beer during my period it helps with the bloating and cramps.
—Guest Bri

The gassy girl

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one. I have not been diagnosed by a doc that I have ibs, but I'm pretty sure I do. Since I can remember, I've always had problems eating too much cheese, chocolate, milk, and especially diet coke. I get diarrhea cramps , leading to diarrhea and then feel alright, but when I'm on my period I can't have chocolate milk, or else I'll get really bloated and have really bad gas and loose green, or dark brown stools. It has been 6 monts that I have started having bad constipation approximately 1 week b4 my period. It's terrible and If I don't get as much fruit and water in my body , u have to take a painful but effective laxative.. Screw being a woman . By the way I'm only 16.
—Guest Maria

Odd one out!

After reading these responses I wanted to write my own. I have been diagnosed with IBS for almost 3 years now and at first there wouldn't be any difference when I was on my period. But lately I have found when I am on, my symptoms improve. I actually can go normally (pre ibs style) twice a day unlike the days of constipation followed by days of diarrhea. It's not that I look forward to my periods, they're uncomfortable and well just one of those things. Yet seeing an improvement in my IBS is fantastic, until the last day then it just returns to its 'normal' self. Is there anyone out there that finds an improvement while on their period?
—Guest Plasma shirk

Gas Pains 2 weeks before period, IBS?

I am 40yrs and have always had painful periods, but in the last 12 years I have these terrible cramps, pain in my left leg and toes, and anus that ease when I pass gas. This usually starts from my day 14-15 till my period starts then the pain eases to just menstrual cramps and migrain. I am just wondering if it might be adhesion as I have had myomectomy and probably endometriosis as well. I really need to know.
—Guest Guest Sur

O the pain

It's so nice to know I'm not the only one experiencing this craziness! I'm 34 years old and have been diagnosed with ibs w/ gluten intolerance for the past 3 years. My symptoms are almost unbearable two weeks before my period. The nausea, bloating, dull cramping, gas pains, diarrhea and sometimes constipation drive me to tears some days. It literally wakes me up many nights. Typically just after my cycle I have some relief. The symptoms are so intense they've interrupted my daily life and my relationships. I take extremely good care of my body eating good foods and exercising but the only things I've found for any immediate relief is plain seltzer water and advil.
—Guest Liv

ibs/polycystic ovaries/pms

I am 20 years of age and have had IBS for 5 years.. my period pains have worsened for the past 2 years and i went for a scan where they found poly-cystic ovaries.. up to a fortnight before my period is due my pains are at its worse.. pain in the pelvis..back pain..constipation..really bad headaches..tearing feeling in the stomach..but the moment i start my period my pains ease for them seven days i bleed.. and the cycle begins about two weeks before my next period.. i am 6 days late for my period and the pains have been bad for almost three weeks.. i was put on the pill which i stopped taking because i get really bad mood swings and anxiety.. and even now when my pains are at its worse i find it hard dealing with the pain..
—Guest kay

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