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Readers Respond: How Does Your Period Affect Your IBS?

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Updated October 01, 2012

Period Problems

I tend to get horrible stomach cramps and diarrhea just before my period starts and also during. The diarrhea is worse than normal during menstruation. Now I am starting to have late or missed period and am NOT pregnant. The IBS is bad all of the time but way worse when I am on my period.
—Guest Allison

ibs period and pain

It is amazing to see others with the same issues and nothing can be done. My symptoms are way worse when my period comes. Doctors really can't explain and look at me like I am crazy. i was diagnosed about 3 years ago, quit taking meds cause how they made me feel. I am just taking it one day at a time. Praying for everyone.
—Guest Paula

the bathroom is my new home:(

Right before I'm on my period, pms is a backache,and cramping and diarrhea. I've had ibs for three years and I'm so freaking fed up with it.Why isn't there a cure for this!?!?Help me! It's complete hell, all of it. I need a hug!
—Guest emmalee


Had IBS for 21years now. Last couple of years it is much worse. Triggered by walking, moving or having a pee. Gluten and some foods make it worse. Pains in abdomen , lower back and down hips into thighs. Soooo unbearable:-(
—Guest Sp

Thank you thank you thank you

I just had an attack and am sitting here on the couch, curled up in a ball. I was so relieved to read all of your stories, and to see how I'm not an alien after all!
—Guest Kimi

i don't what to do

i am 44 years old and have 3 children. The week before my period i get cramps in my legs and thighs, pains at my right abdomen, burning sensation at my rectum and vulva. Please i need help. the burning at my rectum and the cramps is to much for me. thank you.
—Guest barbara

ibs and perimenopause

I have had ibs since I was a pre teen. I got my first period at 12 and they were never regular until I started birth control in my late 20's. The only effect my periods had on my ibs was the back pain. But until I started reading about the relationship between back pain and ibs I just thought it was normal for me. I recently went into a remission of sorts. I was given a z pack a year ago for a sinus infection. Apparently it killed off all the good bacteria in my colon. I have been on Probotics to help my colon. I went from one extreme to another. But in this past year a new symptom has crept up. The first day or so of my period, I get the most awful colon spams which lead to diarrhea. It is so bad that I actually throw up. I was wondering if anyone else out there that is in my age group has/had experience this problem and if so what helped with the throwing up. I can handle the spams and diarrhea but I can't the vomiting.


Hi.... So glad to know I am not alone! I suffer the week before my period is due with either watery or solid stools or can sometimes go 6 days with nothing. The gas is not only excruciating but embarrassing ....I have found that veg including broccoli and cabbage are a no go....Also avoid bread at all costs! Sucks to be a woman eh!? :(
—Guest FED UP!

Goddamn it.

I am only 16 years old; in fact, I turned sixteen on the 12th of this month and right now it's the 27th--that's how young I am. About a month ago, my period went from being tolerable, to being the devil! I got horrible diarrhea and stomach cramps. It's only been a few hours since my period started (which is exactly when my diarrhea starts), but I feel like it's getting somewhat better. I've been using the bathroom a lot, resting, and, earlier, I sucked on a lime and consumed about one and a half tablespoons of plain white yogurt. It seems to have helped. I'm trying to take the natural way out, instead of consuming a bunch of pills. I recommend the above procedure! Good luck, ladies! :/
—Guest Sophie

I am not alone :)

I have severe IBS and get worse symptoms several days before my period like constipation, pains, lots trapped gas, cramps, bloating, insomnia, headaches, joint pain, , tiredness, sinus issues . All these symptoms are extreme to begin with! Then when I have my period the cramps are so overwhelming I have to take several baths and always have heat pad on my stomach.

Me too...

Hello... I am 27 and for last week have had central abdominal uncomfortableness and bloated feeling with constipation, due my period this week. Just want to ask do any of you get the pain right under belly button near where your private parts start in the middle?? Thats where mine has been and as I am getting closer to my period I have started going to the toilet easier.
—Guest Princess

IBS since I was 6 yrs old

I have had IBS since I was six years old. Back then there wasn't anything known of such a problem and after a few tests by doctors they dismissed it. As I've gotten older it has gotten much worse. I started my cycle when I was 15, shortly after I knew that made things worse. When I became pregnant with my first son at 23 it was like a miracle, all my IBS symptoms went away. Unfortunately not one week after having my first son it came back with a vengeance. I immediately sought help with yet another GI doctor and was started on narcotic pain meds. This was the trend for eight ten years. I had every GI test known to man done but the only thing they ever came up with was polyps. When I became pregnant again in December of 2011 I by that time had been on so many narcotic meds they had me on large doses of Oxycontin but came of it all at once. Again I was fine until having my second son in Sept 2012 at the age of 33 but now right back in pain.
—Guest Gator Mom


I am 25 of age, I don't why before my period I feel sick, headache, cold, and high temperature and tears coming down my eyes. I would like to know the cause .
—Guest zara

PMS IBS flare-ups due to endometriosis

My 16 year suffered for a few years when her GI doc suggested she go to another GYN who did a laproscopy and found she endometriosis. Yes, teens can have endometriosis. It takes an average of 9 years and 4 gyn docs to get diagnosed. Please consider this because endo can lead to infertility.
—Guest guest patricia

It comes and goes

I'm 32 yrs old and have been surviving painful periods with IBS since I was 12. Every period is different, with some being bearable and others have me passing out, vomiting, constipation then diarrhea, hot and cold flushes, then extreme fatigue. Have tried many different pills, hormone creams and depos, but an getting nowhere. Bring on menopause!
—Guest Ellen

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How Does Your Period Affect Your IBS?

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