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Readers Respond: How Does Your Period Affect Your IBS?

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Updated October 01, 2012

Period and IBS

Due to the severity of PMS pain and IBS issues flaring up even greater, my daughter was sent to a GYN and he did a laparoscopy. During the procedure it was discovered she has endometriosis along with her IBS- C and is now treated for both. I wonder if the endometriosis could have been the culprit all along. Time will tell, she just started treatment.

ibs and period

i've had ibs for 3 years and lived with it ok, and then for the last 3 months it's been a nightmare, i get cramp, pains for about 4 days after period has ended, also really bad lower back pain, then throughout the month bad gas pains, pain down left or right side. when i'm ovulating i know about it as i get really bad pain in one of ovaries so i have to get hot water bottle out, and hit the pain killers. then day before period, i get a headache, sometimes mild, sometimes really bad, and bloating, then day of period all stops, no pain at all until day of period ends when i get another headache and then the cycle begins again. i'm 39 and found this is getting worse and wondering if i'm getting to peri menopause? i've started taking manuka honey today and it eased the cramps straight away but they're back now just a nagging pain, but i'm trying the honey tomorrow 3 times a day to see if it will ease. i'm willing to try anything now.

me 2

My period is not very heavy and only lasts 3-4 days and comes every 32 days but by god the nausea and diarrhea on day one is unbearable. Cramps are present but not extreme and no back pain as had in my teens. IBS certainly more unmanageable during days 1 and 2 but charcoal tabs do firm things up when stomach is squeeking and moving too much.
—Guest Arghhhh

IBS loose stools during period

I just take an immodium or just a half every day during my loose stool part of my period - other days I am constipated - so I have to judge whether 1mg or 2 mg is what I need - otherwise I am in the bathroom constantly till my poor behind is sore :(
—Guest misery a month

What the heck is this?!?!

26 year old female with acute abdominal pain... A little history; I have had horrible menstruation since I was 12. Heavy bleeding and bad cramps. My gyno put me on the pill when I was 15 and my periods improved significantly. In 2005 I had my gallbladder removed because of gallstones and a severe infection. After that I haven't had any real stomach issues until recently. 2-3 days before my last two periods I have been experiencing horrendous abdominal pains, diarrhea and vomiting. I was hospitalized for 3 days the first time it happened and 2 days the second time. They did bloodworms, stool samples and a ct scan during both visits to the er and everything came back normal. Has anyone else experienced this? I have no clue what this is and I am terrified to have another one of these episodes. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


My IBS is far worse just before my period is due, sometimes constipation, but always loose frequent stools, cramps, nausea, headaches, back ache, tiredness, feeling of spaced out, etc. You all know the symptoms, these all go on right through my period and when I'm ovulating, I feel really sick and lethargic. So for about 10-14 days of the month I feel great, IBS under control and I'm a happy bunny. But for the rest of the month, grumpy and so frustrated. There must be something else we can do or take instead of being fobbed off on antispasmodics and a hot water bottle!!! Doesn't always work!!! Us girls need help, RIGHT!!xx
—Guest tammy

Severe pain during my period!

It is a relief that I am not the only one that has this issue. Not that I would want anyone to feel this bad, but at least I'm not imagining things. The first and second days of my period are really bad. I sometimes have loose bowel movements and other times I am constipated. What doesn't change is the intense cramping and shooting pains through my abdomen. The pain is so bad it is hard to not to be irritable and short tempered. I'm not sure if it will help, but I bought a microwaveable warm pack to see if that helps.
—Guest Jen

Thank Goodness I'm not alone

Oh it's awful! Usually 1-2 weeks before my period I start getting dull cramping, uncomfortable intestinal gas, nausea along with increased post nasal drap and sinus congestion, diarrhea, sometimes alternating with constipation! I've been diagnosed with A-Type IBS (suffering from symptoms since I was 19, I'm 26 now) and the flare ups vary in severity but it's always RIGHT BEFORE my period like clockwork! Usually once my period begins the symptoms lessen and sometimes diminish but until then it's awful! I also lose my appetite and feel so exhausted!
—Guest R.Miller

Blame it all on Eve !

I have IBS-A and when I get my period it just makes my cramps even more painful and makes the constipation part of the IBS worse as well. I have to extra vigilant about making sure I get enough water and fiber in my diet. Sometimes I have to resort to using a glycerin suppository when I haven't had a bowel movement in 2 days in a row because if I let it go to 3-4 days I have a major problem and end up using a fleet's enema as a last possible resort.

Total Nightmare

My gastroenterologist is still debating whether or not i have IBS but I'm almost 100% sure I do because it runs in the family. Whatever it is, right before my period i get really bloated (i've had people ask me if i'm "expecting") and even worse constipation than normal. My back kills from all the pressure of not going to the bathroom. then when my period does come I struggle to go even though I have abdominal cramps non-stop for 4 days and I get terrible gas pains. I wish a pill existed to end it all.
—Guest Guest Alisa

'Ten Times A Day'

Yes I have to go between 10-15 times a day for about the first three days of my period. The diarrhea and cramps are endless. Really embarrassing when I'm at work. I pee for England, go up 2 dress sizes, can go to sleep anywhere I feel so tired and a horrid sciatic pain down my left side! I can't stand sometimes to straighten up and am reduced to tears. My poor partner has to endure this witch that appears for 2 weeks of every month. My periods are so heavy and clotted....Have a coil fitted is what has been suggested by my Doc..I'm working up to it...I'm 41 and this has been going on for years!
—Guest Kitty


I'm 24 and it seems like I have had ibs for about as long as I've had my period. So I can definitely tell that my ibs is influenced by hormones. I have diarrhea or loose stools once a month and its always a few days before my period. I thought I've found some food that triggers it but lately it doesn't matter what I eat or don't eat its gonna happen. But have been eating activa every night before bed and that has seemed to help some of the symptoms.
—Guest Christa

ibs nightmare

Just up until a month ago I have been having some extremely painful diarrhea symptoms while having my period. I don't know what to do sometimes. I am definitely go to have to make an appointment with my gynecologist. Pray 4 me please.
—Guest Michelle p

What a nightmare

I am relieved to find out I'm not alone. At my recent annual gynae check I mentioned more painful periods and feeling like a 'zombie' for a coupla days around that time...the gynae looked confused and then told me "that's not a symptom". Lucky for him his large desk was between us coz I could've hit him. My GP keeps on diagnosing IBS and it feels like I'm a hyperchondriac with constant 'stomach' issues. This month just before my period was terribly painful, up my back and down into top of my right leg.
—Guest Guest ACM

IBS Periods

I'm glad I'm not the only one. My IBS always appears when my periods are due & all the way through it. What makes it worse is the cramps & the diarrhea...is there any cure or medication I can take for this as it's very annoying!!!
—Guest Amanda

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