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How to Find Low FODMAPs Diet Recipes


Updated July 10, 2014

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The low FODMAPs diet has had some good research support attesting to its positive effect on IBS symptoms. As the diet grows in popularity, so do helpful resources on the subject. As one utilizes these resources, it is essential to keep in mind that it is recommended that the diet be followed under the supervision of a dietician to ensure adequate nutrient intake. With the help of a dietician, one can familiarize themselves with the types of foods that are high or low in their FODMAP content. Taking it a step further, it is helpful to have low FODMAPs recipes to assist in food planning. Cooking recipes that are low FODMAP friendly can also bring about a return to a happy relationship with food - a relationship that is frequently damaged when food becomes associated with the pain, discomfort and embarrassment of the symptoms of IBS. The following resources offer a wide variety of recipes safe for people who are following a low FODMAPs diet.

1. FODMAP Diet Recipes

Bunch of bananas.
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This site is offered by a self-proclaimed IBS sufferer. The recipes look delicious, but there is no discernible organization. One must scroll through recipes as they are posted chronologically by the author.

2. The FODMAP Foodie

This site offers an overview of the FODMAP diet, with lists of allowed foods and foods to avoid.  Recipes are posted as blog entries, but there is a search function which allows for easy navigation.


This blog is put up by a writer who is following the diet and who hopes one day to open up her own FODMAPs cafe! The recipes at this point are limited, but the site seems to offer some nice potential.

4. Incredible Smoothies

This is a site devoted to recipes for "green smoothies", smoothies that include vegetables. The site has put up a page which covers smoothie recipes appropriate for a low FODMAPs diet. There are also helpful lists of fruits and vegetables that are safe to include, as well as lists of those that should be avoided.

5. LowFODMAP.com

This site is hosted by Natalie Nott, author of "The low FODMAP cookbook". The recipes are beautifully photographed and navigation on the right side of the page helps you to find the type of recipe you might be looking for. Recipes include breakfast ideas, entrees, sides and baked goods. The site includes a helpful overview of how a low FODMAPs diet might be helpful for IBS. Natialie also periodically puts up blog posts - a nice personal touch.


This site offers its recipes chronologically, so there is no rhyme nor reason. However, the writer seems personable and includes some helpful discussions of brand-name products that are suitable for a low FODMAPs diet.

7. Low FODMAPs Recipes

This site offers easy navigation for finding recipes with categories for breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as things like soups, snacks and sauces. At this point, the number of recipes is quite limited, but one would hope that this site will grow over time.

8. taste.com.au

This website offers a compilation of a wide variety of recipes. Recipes that are listed as low FODMAPs are not necesarily low FODMAPs, but instead are offered with notes at the bottom of the recipe as to how to modify the recipe so as to be consistent with a low FODMAPs diet. The site indicates that it provides an excess of 80 recipes. Although there is no clear-cut organization, each recipe is accompanied by an attractive photo. Options include entrees, desserts, breads and soups.

9. Well Balanced. Food. Life. Travel.

This site is authored by Kate Scarlata, a dietician, author of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to IBS". Here she offers a variety of printable resources for the low FODMAPs diet, including a printable shopping list and a checklist of high and low FODMAPs foods. The site offers a small collection of delicious-looking recipes, but I had some difficulty finding them. I found that I needed to hover my mouse over the FODMAPs recipe header at the top of the page in order for the list to appear. Scarlata includes some "Fun Recipes" on the site that may not be appropriate for the diet.

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