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How to Reduce Straining on Toilet from Constipation


Updated October 15, 2013

Question: What can I do to reduce straining on the toilet from constipation?



If you suffer from constipation, it may be reassuring to know that the use of relaxation techniques may be helpful in reducing straining while on the toilet and may help to ease your struggle to have a bowel movement.

For best results, you should practice your relaxation techniques two to three times a day in a quiet, comfortable place, and then use the techniques to help keep you relaxed while you are sitting on the toilet. Remember that the best time to encourage a bowel movement is in the morning, when intestinal contractions are likely to be at their peak. Enjoy a fairly large breakfast, preferably with some fatty foods, to stimulate the gastrocolic reflex. Then make time for a relaxing visit to the toilet. Refrain from straining, and use your relaxation skills to help you to stay relaxed. Try to visualize the muscles in your intestines contracting in a calm rhythm to comfortably move the stool along.


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