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IBS Book Reviews


Updated December 06, 2013

IBS Book Reviews
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Question: Are there books about IBS that I should read?


Yes, reading IBS books will help you better understand what is going on with your body. This improved awareness will help you develop a more effective plan for managing the disorder and improving your quality of life. To assist you in your book selection, the following reviews are offered:

IBS Self Help Books

IBS Memoirs

These books tell the tales of what it is like to really live with IBS. Reading these books will help you to feel that you are not so alone in your struggles:

General Digestive Health Book

The following book presents a comprehensive view of treating the entire digestive tract, including information on IBS:

General Self Help Books

The following books, although not directly focused on IBS, offer strategies for dealing with stress-related symptoms and illnesses.

IBS Books for Professionals

The following books are written for clinicians and researchers who are interested in learning more about IBS:

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