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The Bathroom Finder App

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Updated March 26, 2012

The Bathroom Finder app is a free application designed to help you find a public toilet. The app also goes by the names "WC Finder" and "Toilet Finder" and is available for Adroid phones, Blackberries and the iPhone. The company claims that the app currently provides information on over 78,000 toilets around the world, predominantly in Australia, England, France and Germany.

How It Works

The Bathroom Finder app is a very simple app, with none of the bells or whistles that can be found in some other Find-A toilet apps. Open the app and you immediately get a list of nearby available bathrooms. There is a also a map view which displays symbols of available toilet locations.

The app contains an easy way for you to record a new bathroom location. Simply hit the "plus" sign and type in the address of the restroom.


The most glaring shortcoming of this app is the lack of descriptive information regarding the restrooms themselves. Are they clean? Handicap accessible? It would seem that it would not be too difficult for the developers to have added such a feature.

In my geographic locale, available toilet options were few and far between. In addition, the information regarding the distance to each restroom was inaccurate.

Is this App for You?

Because the app is free, it is worth checking out to gauge the number of available options for your geographic location. When you need quick access to a bathroom, the immediate list of options may prove to be just what you need. However, if there is not adequate coverage of your area, you might want to delete this app in favor of a more helpful alternative.

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