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IBS Impact


Updated October 02, 2012

IBS Impact is an IBS advocacy group started by IBS patients. The group is open to people with IBS, their friends and family members, health professionals, and anyone else whose life is affected by IBS. The aim of IBS Impact is to increase awareness about the disorder and to initiate and encourage an increased participation in advocacy efforts. Their mission statement is as impressive as it is ambitious: "We strive to work toward equity with other common health conditions and disabilities in public awareness, resources for treatment and research, and local community support systems."

What IBS Impact Does:

The activities of the group all focus on various aspects of advocacy:

  • The group keeps current on legislative actions that have the potential to benefit IBS. "Action Alerts" are sent out to encourage members to contact their representatives to support such legislation.

  • An ongoing blog discusses issues relevant to IBS advocacy efforts.

  • The group's website provides links to worthy research projects to make it easy for people to make donations to support this important work.

  • The website also contains lists of helpful IBS resources, including specialized lists for parents, family members, and friends of IBS patients.

My Bottom Line:

Due to the stigma associated with IBS symptoms, advocacy for the disorder has lagged far behind that of other health problems. Therefore, the work of IBS Impact is long overdue. Motivating people to engage in advocacy efforts can be a tough challenge, but the members of this group have done an impressive job to date.

One of the most unique aspects of IBS Impact's work has been the use of social media. IBS is not necessarily the most social media friendly topic, but this effort on the part of IBS Impact may help to make any shyness about the subject become a thing of the past. In addition, social media is where people are currently placing their attention, and therefore the efforts of IBS Impact in this arena will certainly help to keep IBS awareness front and center.

I am a big fan of the work of this group. If you have not already done so, I strongly urge you to join their efforts and do your part in raising awareness about IBS. With a little bit of effort by a lot of people, perhaps the quality and quantity of research into the disorder will increase, with the result of badly needed effective treatment options.

Visit the IBS Impact site by clicking here.

Follow IBS Impact on Facebook by clicking here.

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