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Treatment of Intestinal Gas and Bloating

The following articles are filled with information regarding the various remedies and treatment options for intestinal gas and bloating.

Gas and Bloating Treatment Guide
Here is your comprehensive guide to all aspects of the problem of excessive intestinal gas and bloating.

Got Gas? Learn How To Beat the Bloat
This is your self-care guide as to what you can do to help to reduce your unwanted gas and bloating symptoms.

Readers' Tips for Easing Gas and Bloating
Sometimes the best advice comes from others who have walked in your shoes. Here is a place to learn from others what they have found to be helpful in addressing the problem of gas and bloating. Read their advice and share your own best gas-busting tip.

How to Ease Gas Pains Fast
Here you will find your options for fast relief of gas pains.

How to Eat to Prevent Gas and Bloating
Believe it or not, some of your eating habits may be making the problem worse. Take a look to make sure that you are not eating in a way that is contributing to the problem.

Probiotics for IBS
Probiotics may be useful in reducing your symptoms. Learn more about probiotics and find out which ones you should be taking.

The Low FODMAPs Diet Theory for IBS
This theory suggests that certain foods may be contributing to IBS symptoms, including gas and bloating. Learn more about the use of a low FODMAP diet as a way to ease symptoms.

Understanding Intestinal Gas
This article discusses various issues regarding intestinal gas, including causes, abdomen distension, and research findings regarding gas and IBS. This fact sheet is published by the International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders (IFFGD)and can be accessed following a free registration process.

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