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Readers Share: Real Life Tips & Tales

The following articles are filled with real-life tips and experiences offered by individuals who know what it is like to deal with IBS. Learn from them and share your own experiences and successful strategies.
  1. Constipation Tips (3)
  2. Diarrhea Tips (5)
  3. Gas and Bloating Tips (4)
  4. IBS Diagnosis (5)
  5. IBS Resources (3)
  6. IBS Symptoms (5)
  7. IBS Treatment (7)
  8. IBS and Exercise (2)
  9. IBS and Food (8)
  10. IBS and School (2)
  11. IBS and Work (6)
  12. IBS in Women (5)
  13. Sleep (2)

What Is On Your Plan for IBS Relief?
Many IBS sufferers find that they need to use several strategies at once in order to experience IBS relief. What sorts of things are on your IBS management plan? Share your tips and find out what other IBS patients do for IBS relief.See submissions

What Happens When You Tell Others About Your IBS?
Tell us about the kinds of reactions you get from others when you tell them about your IBS and read "telling" stories from your fellow IBS patients.

What Is the Worst Thing That Someone Has Said to You About Your IBS?
Here is the place to share those rude and insensitive things that people tend to say about IBS!

How Do You Keep Your Stress Level Low?
Share your tips for reducing stress as a way to deal with IBS and find out what other IBS sufferers do for stress reduction.

What Is It Really Like to Be Seen at the ER for IBS?
Tell us what happened when you went to the emergency room for your IBS. Were you treated professionally or did you feel that you were stigmatized due to having IBS? Share your story and read what it has been like for other IBS patients.

Bathroom Accident Stories
Here is a safe place for readers to share their story regarding one of the most embarrassing of all human experiences.

What Is Your Worst IBS Symptom?
Here is a place to talk openly about the thing that you hate most about IBS.

What Does Your IBS Pain Feel Like?
Share with us what your IBS pain is like and find out what IBS feels like for other people.

Must Have Items for Leaving the House
Share your thoughts about what things are needed just to leave the house.

Did Your IBS Start After An Illness?
Many IBS patients can point to the very illness that seemed to start it all. Read their stories here and share your own!See submissions

How Do You Deal with IBS-A?
Tell us your secret strategies for dealing with the specific challenges brought about by having IBS-A.

What Is It Like to Deal with Someone Else's IBS?
Here is a place for family and friends of people with IBS to share what it is like to care about someone who is dealing with the disorder. Tell us what are the worst parts about being in this role and share your tips for others who are in the same shoes.

Does Your Family Help or Hurt Your IBS?
Here is the place to share your good stories and your not-so-good stories regarding how your family deals with your IBS.

What Is Your Best or Worst Dating with IBS Story?
What has been your experience in terms of dating with IBS? Share your story and read real-life tales of trying to have a love life with IBS.

Tips for Having a Sex Life with IBS
Share your tips for keeping your love life going strong in spite of your IBS.

Show Off Your IBS-Friendly Bathroom
What have you done to make your bathroom an IBS-friendly place to be? Share your decorating tips and find out what other IBS sufferers have done to make their bathrooms a pleasant place to spend time in. See submissions

What Other Symptoms Do You Have?
IBS patients often experience symptoms in other parts of their bodies. Find out what symptoms other IBS patients deal with and share your own experience.

What Other Health Problems Do You Have?
Here is a place where you can openly discuss the other health problems that you are dealing with at the same time as your IBS.

What Was Your Worst Public Toilet Experience?
Share your tale of the worst public toilet you have encountered and be entertained and grossed-out by reading the tales of others.

What Do You Do for Financial Stress?
What do you do for financial stress so that you don't experience stomach problems? Share your tips and find out how others manage financial stress.

Do You Experience Bladder Symptoms Alongside Your IBS?
Here you can share your experiences with bladder symptoms and find out what bladder problems other IBS patients are dealing with.

Have You Had Digestive Problems After Having Your Gallbladder Removed?
Have you had your gallbladder removed? Did you find yourself dealing with new digestive problems after your surgery? Here is a place to share your story and to find out what others are dealing with post gallbladder surgery.

How Do You Manage the Holidays with IBS?
Share with us the strategies that you use to get through the challenging holiday season.

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