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Symptoms of IBS

The following articles are filled with helpful information regarding the symptoms of IBS and other related digestive disorders.
  1. Abdominal Pain (5)
  2. Allergy and Intolerance (6)
  3. Anal Fissures (5)
  4. Bladder & Pelvic Floor Problems (13)
  5. Causes of IBS (13)
  6. Constipation (7)
  7. Diarrhea (6)
  8. Fecal Incontinence (6)
  9. Gas and Bloating (3)
  10. Hemorrhoids (5)
  11. IBS FAQs (8)
  12. IBS Information (8)
  13. Overlapping Conditions (14)
  14. Reader Stories (3)
  15. Related Digestive Conditions (20)
  16. Stool Changes (4)

What Is IBS?
New to IBS? This article will provide you with an overview of all aspects of this disruptive digestive disorder.

Symptoms of IBS
Learn what symptoms are typical of IBS and what symptoms are considered "red-flag" symptoms indicating a different health problem.

Free E-Course: IBS for Beginners
This free E-Course will provide you with basic information regarding IBS - its symptoms, how it is diagnosed, and what treatment options are available. Over the next five days, you will receive an email covering a different aspect of this disruptive digestive disorder.

New Diagnosis of IBS? Start Here!
Here you will find the information that is most helpful to someone who has only recently found themselves dealing with IBS.

Red Flag Digestive Symptoms
As IBS is a chronic condition, it can be tough to know when should you call your doctor. Here is your guide to red-flag digestive symptoms.

Severe Stomach Pain: When to Go to the ER
With the pain of IBS being chronic, it can be challenging to know when you need immediate medical care. Here you will information to help you to make that decision.

What's Wrong With My Stomach?
Here you will find helpful resources for finding answers as to what may be causing your digestive distress.

Causes of Stomach Problems
Here you will find some tools that will help you to get some answers regarding your digestive symptoms.

If Its Not IBS, What Else Could it Be?
How do you know if you really have IBS and not some other disorder? Learn about the signs and symptoms of other digestive disorders that are similar to IBS.

Readers Share: Worst IBS Symptoms
It can be helpful to know that you are not alone in dealing with the horrors of IBS. Here you will read about the kinds of symptoms that other people with IBS are dealing with.

Incomplete Evacuation
Many IBS patients experience a feeling of incomplete evacuation. Learn the reasons why this might be happening to you and what you can do about it.

IBS Without Pain
Is it possible to have IBS if you don't experience abdominal pain? Find out here!

How To Keep a Symptom Diary
Here you will learn how to keep a symptom diary for your IBS. Symptom diaries are an easy way to gather valuable diagnostic information regarding your distress - information that is of help for both you and your doctor.

IBS and Weird Symptoms
Because the world is not a fair one, many IBS patients suffer from other health symptoms in addition to their IBS. Here you will find information about common non-intestinal symptoms experienced by IBS patients.

What Unusual Symptoms Do You Have?
IBS patients often experience symptoms in parts of their bodies not related to their digestive system. Find out what symptoms other IBS patients deal with and share your own experience.

The Vasovagal Reflex and IBS
If you are experiencing unusual symptoms such as dizziness, light-headedness and sweating during IBS attacks, it may be due to your vasovagal reflex. Learn what this reflex is and how it may be related to IBS.

Post Infectious IBS
IBS sometimes shows up after an intestinal illness - a health problem known as post-infectious IBS (IBS-PI). Find out what causes IBS-PI and what you can do about it.

What To Do About Hard Stools
Learn why you may be experiencing hard stools and what you can do to ease things up.

Gas and Bloating Treatment Guide
Here you will find a comprehensive guide to help you to better understand why you are experiencing gas and bloating and what you can do about it.

Loose Stools from IBS
Here you will find some practical do's and don'ts for helping to firm up those disturbing loose stools.

Causes of Loose Stool
Learn about some common causes of the symptom of loose stools.

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