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Readers Respond: Have You Had Bowel Problems Since Giving Birth?

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Updated October 02, 2012

Many women experience bowel urgency and fecal incontinence symptoms following pregnancy and childbirth. Has this happened to you? Such symptoms can be devastating and embarrassing. Here is a place where you can discuss your bowel symptoms and learn that you are not alone in dealing with this upsetting problem. Share Your Experience

Yes, is there a surgery?

I had 3rd degree tearing during childbirth and developed anal leakage. I have post bowel movement leakage and I'm miserable every day. Doctors haven't been any help yet.
—Guest Lynn

Urgent and super Soft?!

I didn't think having a baby alone could cause this issue since I had a C-section and have had this issue only since the birth... but every single morning I'm running to the toilet in just the nick of time and painting the back of the toilet bowl. My diet is the same so what has changed? How can weakened muscles make the stool so soft and even runny?
—Guest Pooer

i've had bowel problems since childbirth

I regularly have diarrhea since giving birth, i think it has something to do with my pelvic floor muscles not supporting my bowels? But a friend said that some women can get IBS after pregancy. it's a very embarrassing subject, and it's getting in the way of social events.
—Guest helena


...and my OB/GYN just shrugged her shoulders when I told her about it. Thanks for the helpful tips!
—Guest Stevie

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Have You Had Bowel Problems Since Giving Birth?

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