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Readers Respond: What Are Your Favorite Non-Gassy Foods?

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Updated October 01, 2012

From the article: Non Gassy Foods

If you have a problem with excessive intestinal gas, you probably have learned through trial and error what foods can be counted upon to be non-gassy. You know, those foods you turn to for those occasions when you absolutely need your system to be quiet, such as yoga class, church, public speaking, first dates - you get the picture. What foods do you turn to? What are your safe non-gassy food favorites? Share them here and get some ideas from others as to what to eat to avoid excess intestinal gas.

Less gassy for ibs

Pinto beans cooked well, put in blender with leftover broth. Blend to a more liquid mixture. Add any flavoring for better taste, even small amount of cheddar. For me it tends to be easier to digest, gives me protein and fiber. I also have a lactose problem but a little cheddar added doesn't bother me.
—Guest Dee

Seems everyone is different

Well, meat for me is gas causing, or at least when I eat animal protein it certainly cause very unpleasant odor gas, lol. Grapes always gives me lots of gas, and dried apples to a lesser extent, though non smelly. Dried beans if soaked, rinsed, soaked and cooked very well done are less of a problem. Cooked cabbage doesn't bother me, raw cabbage does, which is a shame as I like cole slaw. Cooked greens, never bother me, it's raw or high in natural sugar fruits and veggies that do. I like brown rice and we eat a lot of it.

Resolving gas problems

Boil some hot water and sip it down slowly. Do not consume beans. Rice helps to reduce gas.
—Guest Ray

avoiding gas

12 hour shifts cause gas. To minimize I find eating pure protein for breakfast and lunch works best, in any amount. I save carbs for evening. I feel more energetic during the day also.
—Guest cindy


rice and that's it. nothing else works. i can't even work my ibs is so bad.
—Guest jim

Avoiding Gas

If I really want/ need to not have gas, I have to severely limit all forms of sugar (including fruit) as well as grains and simple carbs. And potatoes in any form are definitely out. So, safe bets are oatmeal for breakfast and meat and veggies (salad, zucchini, carrots, green beans) for lunch & dinner.


Oatmeal, a boiled or baked potato, rice, boiled carrots, yoghurt.
—Guest anne

reducing gas

Take one glass of buttermilk twice a day with powder of jeera and soamp (made with cumin and fennel).
—Guest vijaya kumar

non-gassy foods

Campbell's low salt chicken & rice soup; oatmeal with fruit; Brats diet: bananas, rice, apples, toast, pasta.
—Guest bb

toast and peanut butter

seems to work for me. fills my stomach but doesn't cause me to get too gassy.
—Guest derrick

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