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Readers Respond: What Foods Do You Avoid Because of Your IBS?

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Updated October 11, 2012

What foods do you avoid because of your IBS? How did you know these foods would cause you trouble? Share your experience with food and learn from other people what foods you should be watching out for! List the Offenders!

Triggers and Relief

I've had IBS as long as I can remember. About since I was 5 years old. It gradually got worse when I got older. My known triggers are anything and everything dairy. Summertime BBQs will kill me too. I guess the hot temperature and eating red meats trigger it. I don't like chocolate too much so I stay away from that anyways. I replaced milk with Almond milk. I hear there is a lactose free sour cream in certain stores but I haven't found any yet. I take Zantac but I noticed my body ignores the fact the medicine is in my body now so I take some ice and place it in a Ziploc bag and let it sit on my stomach. I don't know why but the pain usually goes away within minutes.
—Guest Brittney

Over thirty years of suffering.

There are no specific trigger foods for me. I can eat one thing one day and eat the very same a few days later and bam. With in minutes the bloating starts to the point my abdomen expands by inches. I look like I am going to give birth. I have had every test that can possibly be done during a flare up. The diagnosis has been IBS every time. The only trigger my physician and I can come up with is stress level at the time. I have tried the IBS diet and still no improvement. I have gone gluten free and my flare ups are less frequent. I take probiotics. If you are at your wits end try giving up wheat, rye, barley, and soy for a while and see if that helps. Watch out for some oats as the are made in the same manufacturing plants as wheat, barley, rye and soy. Hope this helps. Good Luck
—Guest Celia


I was just diagnosed with ibs about a month ago but I been having so much pain with this for so long, so I am trying to try and find what foods that trigger the pain thank you


Suffered since college. It used to be corn and red meat. But after 4 years, I tried beef and was fine. But corn will trigger bloating, constipation, and extreme stomach pain. a sure trip to the ER for pain meds. Its a shame because I used to love corn! :(
—Guest Mo


I've had IBS for a few years and it started to get really bad 3yrs ago. I stay away from alot of dairy , no beef at all ( can't even have something that has touched beef or a drop of beef broth ) , I can do pork but only once in a while , I eat lots of chicken , very little lettuce , some chocolate , no vegetables , caffeine once in a while, eggs once in a while. I basically have more of a list of what I do eat when I go out that are safe. Think the hardest part about IBS is when ordering food and explaining that they need to clean the grill and everything before they cook my food if beef has been on it. I normally just tell them I have a allergic reaction. No matter though what I say they always look at me like I am picky and lying. I only eat pizza at one place since they dont have any meat in their sauce .
—Guest Stephanie

Lettuce is a big one!

I'm not sure of all my trigger foods but lettuce seems to be a big one. Any kind of lettuce. I started eating clean and was still having bouts. Ran out if lettuce and no issues, ate 2 ounces and Bam! I stress about everything which makes it worse. Temperature changes can do me in as well....so weird.
—Guest Kris


I love chocolate cake but am in agony an hour after eating it :( , also pasta, rice, peppers, sweetners, spices, white bread and ice cream.


Tomatoes, or anything with tomato in them..I'm still trying using trial and error to help with my IBS..the pain is chronic and lasts for several hours..beetroot, fresh pineapple also start me off...
—Guest Zema McMillan


All red meat, All dairy food like cheese, milk, banana, coke.
—Guest Zoe

Chocolate kills me... and others nearby.

Literally chocolate will incapacitate me for about 3 hours, usually more. I get nauseous, cramps that can rival the worst of menstrual cramps, (I'm a girl) some bloating, diarrhea, and gas unbelievably horrible gas (which usually lasts for the whole day if not longer.) I've been told maybe it's the milk, but its not I can drink milk and I'll be fine. Milk chocolate is worse than dark chocolate, but white chocolate (i know it's not actually chocolate) doesn't do a thing. Cappuccino does the same things. Although I don't know if I have IBS.
—Guest Jouzhenkyn


Tomato sauce in pasta drives me crazy. I think banana also is bad for me. Then, maybe stress.
—Guest nh

ibs for 20+ years

I have suffered with ibs for over 20 years anything containing yeast or wheat is bad for me especially beer. Unlike most people on here I suffer less if i eat greasy fried food i.e english cooked breakfast as my body seems to need the grease to digest the food! Over xmas holidays i didnt eat any fried food but lots of vegetables and meat etc lots of chocolate etc and I was in terrible pain for at least a week afterwards.Returned to work and had a few fry ups and now feel much better! Also i find if i eat soup etc or rice dishes in wet/runny sauces I'm able to digest ok but any dry food effects me badly. Milk seems ok and eggs. I sometimes eat raw eggs as they seem to help my digestion which relates back to the greasy food theory. Before any one makes any comments about high cholesterol, my cholesterol levels have been tested by doctor as below average.
—Guest matt


As sad as this will sound I gas for "EVERYTHING"...yes, everything I eat or drink,what's worst....50-80% of what i eat or drink is "NOT" dairy related (that I know of).......the only thing that could be my fault(but I doubt it) is i don't hardly ever drink water, no real reason other then I don't, and the fact that I won't consider my age (early 60's) as a reason!?


Concentrated sugar, artificial sweeteners, corn, yellow cheese, processed meats, red meat sometimes, too many nuts can all set me off with bloating, cramps and wind both ends. Have had it badly for 16 months and can never relax my diet much. Good way to eat healthily! I have been thoroughly tested and ibs diagnosed because nothing else came up.
—Guest Celia

ibs ruining my life

I think I may have been suffering from ibs since a child.. But its been sooo bad for the last 6 months. So far all I know is that Milk, shrimp, and corn sets me off.. I have 4 babies and I rather be in labor then deal with these pains.. When I have an episode I get diarrhea, vomiting, a fever, violent cramps. I feel as thoough I might faint and my entire body gets soaked in sweat. If Im lucky enough to empty during the 1st trip then all the symptoms magically disappear. If not then I am sick all day. I will continue going until its all out.. This is destroying my life. I don't even want to leave my house.. :(
—Guest mari austin

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What Foods Do You Avoid Because of Your IBS?

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