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Readers Respond: What Foods Do You Avoid Because of Your IBS?

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Updated October 11, 2012

What foods do you avoid because of your IBS? How did you know these foods would cause you trouble? Share your experience with food and learn from other people what foods you should be watching out for! List the Offenders!


I find one day I can eat certain foods, the next I can't. I was diagnosed with colitis but now the doc's are thinking it's IBS, I find if I eat more often it's better but my main triggers are any high fibre, bran flakes, shredded wheat, wheat-abix sheddies muesli, BAKED BEANS - oh god they give me the worst gas in the world! I find I can have a week with diarrhea then no diarrhea then a month worth of bloatedness but for me the most thing is the Gas, ahhh the gas, I can have days where I pass wind every 10 minutes throughout the whole day especially at night and in the mornings. I can be doing great and then 1 wrong item of food and the gas starts and doesn't stop!! Does anyone else have these symptoms?

My IBS Triggers

High Fructose Corn Syrup is a big no-no, which is in white bread and soda. Pork, or maybe just the Soy in it. Fried foods and anything spicy at all are bad to me, so no eating out. Small amounts of dairy are okay and eggs are okay-I've just had to learn to like scrambled. I was diagnosed a couple months ago, but my symptoms started a little over two years ago. I've had depression/anxiety for 14 years now, so that's probably a big reason for my IBS. I also take Probiotics daily-and if I miss a day or two of those I'm in trouble. So far this is all I've concluded. I was tested for Celiac disease, it was negative. I also had my thyroid and kidneys checked and those were fine too. Just live on and learn the triggers.

More foods

Sauces, flavoured mayo like chipotle, tomatoes, Like many people have posted, a food may be ok one time but deadly another time!!! Corn, peanuts are always guaranteed.
—Guest Elizabeth again

My triggers

Nuts, peanuts the most, lettuce, salads in restaurants are deadly due to the wash or lack of, Sorbitol is deadly and in so many foods and even some meds (eg: liquid iron), corn - goes straight through me, dried fruit, some tomato sauces and pizzas - trial and error, caffeine especially on an empty stomach. I have an emergency kit at work and in the car and hate going places where I don't know where the washroom is. Bran Buds and Raisin Bran with a banana are my lifesaver! This breakfast helps me control my IBS. Just finished 8 rounds of chemo and slowly getting back to my normal IBS self.
—Guest Elizabeth

Foods to avoid with IBS

I have had IBS-C for 7 years or more. I can not eat chicken, smoked food, eggs, steak, veggies, cold cuts, fried food, or cereal. It hurts, nausea, bloating and severe pain.
—Guest GIGI

Celiacs...not IBS

What many of you are describing is actually celiac disease. Which is a very serious illness. Noticing that you get sick after eating flour, yeast, barley (anything gluten) is a sure sign. I was misdiagnosed with IBS. If you notice immediate swelling and bloating while eating gluten and sharp pains in your back, acne, issues with BM...i urge you to get tested. If you have celiac and don't change your diet to an all gluten-free diet it can manifest into cancer, rheumatoid arthirits, etc.
—Guest daniella


I noticed that people with IBS disagree with their good and bad food lists.
—Guest Dol Grus


I also suffer from IBS for about 15 years, there are times when i can eat anything and then times where I can't, I noticed mine is mostly triggered by my anxiety, I get so sick with cramping, nausea, loss of appetite, endless visits to the bathroom and extreme fatigue, my life has been a mess off and on because of this and nothing seems to help, neither meds or not eating certain things.
—Guest angel

wish I could sleep

Can't eat late. Bad things: red wine, whole grain anything, oats (really bad), tomatoes I think , chocolate - all of it! Bitter, lager, cider, cabbage!, not eating all the time, cheese all types, milk. Probiotics and all things dairy-lacto free helps. The main problem is not being able to sleep because of the uncomfortable feeling in my gut and chest. Stress is bad too but I have a lovely and loving girlfriend. Tough going on 2 hrs sleep!
—Guest aidan


as others have said, this can be really inconsistent. In general, dairy, fried foods, processed foods, meat, and sugar seem to give me the most problems. I also seem to be worse in the summer months to the winter months. Anything I eat during the summer makes me swell like I'm 9 months pregnant and in terrible pain. I find this truly annoying, because I love the summer.
—Guest Kathi

Trying FODMAP diet

seems to be making a huge difference, very limiting but i feel well, and don't have to run to toilet every time i eat. But research to find out what is ok. Wheat, dairy fat and certain fruit and veg. Sugars and artificial sweeteners. it's worth trying.
—Guest Bron

help 1 another

Whole or chopped nuts (nut butters are ok) crackers, chips, rice cakes, granola, flour tortillas even oatmeal sometimes.

My experience

Have suffered for yrs, gave up meat & just eat fish, had to give up nuts, corn, oranges & spicy foods as all of them set it off. Been having rolled oats & banana for breakfast for 2 yrs now which does help although cannot predict when bathroom time is as every day seems different. Embarrassing condition which takes some joy out of dining out. Interesting to read experiences as everyone is different so it can be trial & error but hate the cramps, bloating & diarrhoea so much!
—Guest Vanessa

IBS Triggers

It seems to me that dairy products, especially chocolate are too blame. However, if I eat a significant amount of other foods along with the dairy (for example eating a hamburger while drinking a shake) I don't have problems. Also, past around 8 in the evening any sugar or caffeine will trigger problems. It just takes time to figure out what triggers your IBS.
—Guest TMH

yes to the lettuce

I seem to have trouble with milk, lettuce, and fried foods. Have had plenty of accidents in my day! I have not heard that artificial sweeteners were a culprit. Will give that up now too. But not happily!
—Guest joyce

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What Foods Do You Avoid Because of Your IBS?

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