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Readers Respond: Bathroom Accident Stories

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Updated October 01, 2012

Never Again

Last winter my boyfriend and I went to Cuba for a vacation and one day we went on a boat that had no bathrooms. We went a long way from shore, and I had to poop real bad. All I had on was a bikini bathing suit. I got to the point where I couldn't hang on anymore and I just went in my bathing suit. I so much didn't want it to be true that I just sat on a wooden bench hoping that Ken wouldn't notice but it my bottom was full, and so it just oozed out on to the bench and all over my legs and on the floor of the boat. When he saw what happened, he asked me if I was sick. I told him to take me back to shore and to stop talking to me and to stop looking at me. Words can't express how humiliated I felt. I don't ever want to experience anything as mortifying as this ever again.
—Guest Anne

Broke My Toe

One time when I had to go something awful, and my sister was using the bathroom. I thought I was going to go in my pants. In fact just before she came out of the bathroom I walked into my dad's office and I was going to do it in my pants because I couldn't hold it anymore. But then I heard the bathroom door open and I ran to the bathroom. On the way in the bathroom I accidentally walked into the radiator and hit my foot real hard. Needless to say I went in, closed the door behind me, pulled my pants down and filled the toilet, instead of my pants. I never had such a close call in my whole life. When I came out of the bathroom, my toe was hurting from when I hit it against the radiator. The next day my mom took me to get it checked, and it turns out it was broken. But at least I made it to the bathroom without pooping my pants.
—Guest Eileen

One bathroom

I had left my apartment one day for an appointment. About two minutes into the drive I realized I had to go to the bathroom. I knew I couldn't hold it so I turned around and quickly drove home. As soon as I got into my place, relief swept over me. That is, until I realized my sister was in the shower. I know my sister usually keeps the door unlocked for emergencies like this, but there was no way I was going to barge in there while she was showering. I tried to call to her but she didn't hear me. She thought I had left so I didn't want to scare her by banging on the door. I waited a minute or too but the urge was so great I couldn't hold it. I would have went in my pants but instead grabbed a few plastic bags and napkins and did it in there. I then brought the bag to the dumpster and went to my appointment. My sister never even knew I came home.
—Guest SP

Should Have

My name is Annie, I'm 25, and I'm a nurse. One time when I was finishing my shift at the hospital I felt the urge to go poo, but I decided to wait until I got home. On the way home I started to get more desperate so I started to drive faster. And then wouldn't you know it, a cop pulled me over. I told him I had to go to the bathroom really bad and he told me I could go in the bushes while he wrote up my ticket. There was no way I was doing that. I waited until the cop was finished giving me the ticket. As soon as he gave it to me, and said have a good day, I started to let loose in my pants. I said good bye to him and than I started driving again. As I drove I shit myself massively. It was so bad I could feel it smear up part of my back and up sides of my bum and down both my legs. My pants and the car seat was ruined. I SHOULD HAVE gone to the bathroom at work.
—Guest Annie

Baseball Game

I went to a baseball game with my boyfriend and another couple. About halfway through the game I felt the need to go number two and so I asked the other girl if she wanted to go to the bathroom with me but she was really into the game and didn't want to go. So I decided to hold it. When the game finally ended I told my boyfriend that I really had to go, but he asked if I could hold it so we could beat the traffic. I agreed to hang on, but when we were walking to the car in the parking lot I started to go in my pants. I couldn't believe it was happening. It just kept coming out until I completely filled my pants. I had thong panties and pink shorts on. It was terrible. As we walked poop was coming out and going down my legs and falling on the ground. It was dark so the others didn't notice what I was doing, but when we go to the car I told them I pooped my pants, and they put something on the car seat to protect it. On the way home I started crying from humiliation.
—Guest Beth

Hotel room

I was on vacation with my daughter Beth (8) last month. We had gotten back to the hotel room after being out most of the day. Both of us needed the bathroom for #2's, but she had loose stool so I let her go first. I had the other extreme, constipation for almost 3 days so I figured I could wait. But, of course, as soon as she's on the toilet, I get this urge out of nowhere to push. I know Beth was having a rough time on the toilet and I didn't want to rush her so I bit my lip and was determined to hold it until she was done. Gosh I had to go so bad all of a sudden. I can't believe I did it, but I gave in and pushed because the urge was so, well, urgent. I just stood by the bed and pooped my pants. After about 2 minutes I was done and was left with a huge solid load in my pants. Beth was so understanding, but I was humiliated and went into the bathroom to clean up. Doing a bowel movement in my pants its not something I want to repeat.
—Guest Amy

In the shower

If you are going to have an "accident" the shower is probably the best place to have one. This actually happened to me this morning. I was in the shower and I had such a sudden urge to defecate that I didn't even have a chance to take the two steps to the toilet. Now I thought I had it all cleaned up and no big deal, however my wife texted me a few hours later when she woke up and asked if I had an accident in the shower because it was splattered pretty much every where. I don't know how I missed it, but I was so embarrassed I didn't even know what to say.
—Guest Joe Schmoe

someone walking in the bathroom

when I was using the bathroom my cousin's friend helped him to the bathroom because my cousin was drunk and had to vomit and spit was coming out his mouth and his friend said come on man she's using the bathroom and I had my pants up right before they came in because I had finished but poop was in the toilet and it didn't small bad bad bad but I was still embarrassed.
—Guest you can call me Keke

In A Taxi

One time when I was coming home from work in a taxi, I had to go number two, so I told the driver that I felt sick and asked him to pull over and let me get out, but we were on a busy road and he couldn't pull over right away. I tried to hold it, but I just couldn't. I pooped myself in the taxi. I'm sure the driver smelt it and he must have known what I did, but he didn't say anything. When he finally stopped the car, I paid him, and than I walked the rest of the way to my appartment building. As I walked, poop was squeezing out of my panties and into my nylons. It was terrible. By the time I walked to my appartment building it was running down one of my legs in my nylons. Some people who knew my saw me and said hello. I just kept walking and went straight to my appartment. Thankfully my husband wasn't home. I went straight into the bathroom and into the tub. Taking off my skirt and nylons was very messy and smelly. I showered and got a change of clothes. Terrible experience.
—Guest Cheryl

I Did It Too!

Hi, my name is Valerie, and I am 22 years old. I read all the experiences on this site, and I guess I should confess too. About 3 years ago I walked to the store with my little brother who was 12 years old at the time. On the way home I needed to go poo really bad. I made the mistake of telling my little brother who can be a little monster sometimes that I need a bathroom. When we finally go home I was so desperate that I ran to the bathroom, but my little brother ran faster went in the bathroom and locked the door. I pleaded with him to let me in, but he just laughed. So I went back outside, and went into our garage where my father was working on his car. I crossed my legs really tight. My father asked my if everything was ok, but as he was talking was pooping my pants. I just stood there and filled my pants in front of my father. When he realized what I did, he started to laugh and I started to cry. My little brother ended up getting grounded.
—Guest Valerie

Dearh Helen...

Hi Helen. I'm sorry that your daughter is having a tough time. I think that she should talk to her closest friends so they know how she feels. My two best friends Melanie and Megan (who are sisters), have always been there for me to help me get cleaned up or get me clean clothes. They have had accidents of their own, and I'm sure your daughter's friends have as well. If they haven't, they just might in the future. As I mentioned before, I tend to get diarrhea before and during the first few days of my period. I have been able to track it pretty well and it has enabled me to be better prepared with extra pads and panties in case the worst thing happens. I suggest that your daughter do the same and have a spair pair of panties and pads tucked into the bottom of her purse. Anyway, please feel free to email me at sarahpowley1986@yahoo.ca if you want to discuss this further. The same goes with everyone who has posted here before. Take care, Sarah
—Guest Sarah


Hi Helen. If you want to email me please do. My email is sarahpowley1986@yahoo.ca
—Guest Sarah

My Daughter

I was hoping to get some advise from Sarah from Calgary, if she still visits this site. I have a daughter who is 13 years old, and she pooped her pants at recess at school. This is not normal for her, she just didn't feel good and she did it front of a number of her friends at recess, and she ended up running all the way home, which is almost half a mile away. Now she seems to be different with her friends, and quite often she doesn't even want to go to school. I worry about her. I was just wondering if Sarah had any advise, since she mentioned that she did it in her pants at school. What was the reaction of your school mates? How were you able to cope with people knowing that you had such an accident? Do you have any advise for my daughter. I would be happy to hear from you. EDITOR'S NOTE: This page is not set up for ongoing discussions. Please use the IBS forum.
—Guest Helen

Mom's Bad Example

I am 31 years old and the mother of two daughters, 11 and 9 years of age. Last when I was with my daughters at the mall, I had to go number two pretty bad, but the mall was so busy, I decided to hold it until we got home. On the way home, wouldn't you know we got stuck in tight traffic, and eventually traffic came to a complete stop. My urge to poop was getting stronger. I finally was able to get off the highway and pull into a little store to use their bathroom. My daughters came with me, and when I asked the store keeper if I could use the bathroom she said she couldn't allow me to because she would get in trouble from her boss. At this point I knew I was in trouble so I just turned around and started walking back to the car. But as we walked to the car, I started going in my pants. I was wearing white shorts, and I filled them so much that some of it started coming out and falling on the ground. On the way home my girls tried to comfort me, but I told them I didn't want to talk about it.
—Guest Tanya

Pre-Menstrual Diarrhea

Hi, my name is Sarah. I am 35 years old and I live in Calgary, Alberta. I got my very first period when I was 12 years old and in grade seven. The day before, I had the worst diarrhea ever. During our lunch recess, I was hanging out with my girlfriends at the back of the school yard, when I got this sudden urge to move my bowels. I told my friends that I had to go and as I got up, I started pooping diarrhea into my panties. By the time I got to the school, I had completely loaded my pants. This continued to happen during my teens and 20's. I have been able to cope with the clean ups and I always make sure to have an emergency kit with me. But, it's still a horrible feeling when I can't make it to a toilet on time. Needless to say, from all the times I have pooped in my pants, my "period panties" pile is pretty big. Any doctor that I have seen tells me that it is my body's way of cleaning itself out. They call it "Pre-Menstrual Diarrhea". It sucks! Sarah
—Guest Sarah

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Bathroom Accident Stories

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