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Readers Respond: Bathroom Accident Stories

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Updated October 01, 2012

Bathroom Scene

I was 10 years old when it happened. So my class had a bathroom break and some of the students didn't have to go but I did. So I went to the bathroom stall I locked the thing but it didn't go through the slot, but I didn't notice. I was wiping the toilet seat cause it was dirty. I pulled my pants and underwear down to go pee. When a girl that compliments me and gives me hugs she's super nice, opened the door and then she said " I'm so sorry! The door was not closed fully! " She said very loud! I didn't close the door because I had to wait for her to stop talking, but my shirt was long so she could see my legs up to my thighs. Almost everybody asked me stuff. But my crush didn't know. The girl that sits next to me was quiet around me and she always talks to me. So it was very awkward when ever I see the girl who opened the door... I'll never forget that day. And it was the first time.
—Guest Emily

brownies anyone

I was at a lemonade stand and the line was so long. i had to poop so bad. I tried to wait patiently. i was gunna leave until i saw my secret crush. I dropped my coins for the lemonade. trying to impress him, i did the "bend" and "snap" (movie from legally blond :D) so as i bent down i let out a juicy fart. OMG that was not a fart. My crush looked at me in disgust. I was speechless. I felt continuous logs in my pants. it started comming out of my pants. The girl at the stand said "this is a lemonade stand, not a brownie stand you sicko!!!!" i ran offf into the wood. I am now home typing this story. I hope my crush will forget about it . :/
—Guest Marissa Diane Dahlke

11th grade nightmare

one day i was in class and i had to fart really bad. well i thought it was a fart....OOPSIES...my teacher told me in spanish 'no me gusta' and sent me home. i forgot to look at my seat,
—Guest Gabbi Wenzel

Aww man

Well it all happened in the car it was the day after Halloween when I skipped dinner last night and ate candy all night and day. then when my mom picked me up we was on our way to value village all is a sudden my stomach was hurting a lot. then I was like ma I got to poop. she said we was almost there. then the stop light turned red then we waited then turned green but we have a lot of traffic in my town so it was a quick green light to a red light. well I couldn't hold it anymore I pooped my pants. than I trashed my underwear with poop all in it and i stunk up the bathroom and every single person who came in said damn what's that smell but I snuck out then ran back to the car and started to type this story.
—Guest Fat cakes

Worst Day Ever!

I was in french class and i needed to poop but my teacher said no i sat back down. a few minutes later i really needed to go but there was this cute boy behind me so i tryed to stay strong. i crosed my legs but that made more pressure. i then burst! The boy behind me laughed 'cause it was loud sadly and it started litterally flowing down my leg. i wanted to die! After that my teacher said my name. i cried my eyes out and was sent home. everyone could smell and see it. that was just 5 minutes ago and my mom is asking questions, good bye popularity :(
—Guest Kaylie

I gotta pee sooo bad

once i was waiting at my school for my bus to be called and i had to pee really badly but my teacher wouldn't let me go and i hadn't peed all day and then i got on the bus and my bus driver hit EVERY bump in the road. i got halfway home and peed and didn't even realize it. i was MORTIFIED!!
—Guest Roar


Today, I was on a field trip in the bus, we were on the bus, then I pooped in my pants, the whole bus smelled, and everywhere i sat smelled. All the students looked at me, all the teachers. and I had to go on the field trip with poop in my pants, then while I was walking with my teacher, poop came down out of my pants, and everyone crowded me and laughed at me, I had to go home.
—Guest ah

Embarassing day.

When I go down early, I usually sit in the cafeteria, with other people. So something was strange, everywhere I sat, it started smelling like poop. So I look down and I see poop on my pants and my shoes. I get shocked.. 10 minutes later, I had to go tell a teacher, it was embarrassing, everyone stared at me. the other teacher looked at me strangely. I had to go to the office, and my mom had to come and bring clothes for me. I do not know how the poop got on my pants and on my shoes.
—Guest WutDa

I Just Couldn't Hold It

One day I went to my friend's house. I was 6 and he was 5. So I had to pee but just shrugged it off. Soon, I was desperate. I couldn't hold it anymore and peed my pants! The stain wasn't noticable on my pants... or maybe it was. There was a huge stain on the carpet, though. He either didn't care or didn't notice, but I was still embarrassed.
—Guest You really don't care will you?


In grade four I went to straddie island qld for cam.p it was really fine but another girl had diarrhea and vomiting when I got home from camp I felt really sick so I fell asleep. At around eleven thirty my dad woke me up to say I pooped myself. I didn't realize and said someone one the bus did it and some got on my pants. I had a shower and went to bed. The End Of My Embarrassing Story ;(
—Guest Embarrassed2

pooping my pants in public

one day i was with my sister and i was only 3 when i was sitting on my sisters lap and i had to go and i could not hold it so i went on her lap
—Guest kayla


I'm sick since last sunday. I have to throw up and bad diarrhea. So I wast my time on the toilet but on tuesday happened the worst thing ever . I sat on the toilet but there is no toilet paper so I stood up an searched for it . As I stood there was a big pain in my stomach and it felt like I had to poop again. So I ran back to the toilet but just I couldn't hold it and I poop quiet a lot on the floor. Just two seconds later my mother came into the bathroom and saw it. I felt so bad and ashamed :/
—Guest Skinny.LOVE


i was 20 years old when my 23 year old girlfriend made me poop my pants. we were at a movie and i think she just wanted to embarrass me. i told her i needed to go but she wanted me to watch the whole movie. i had to go so badly, i was squirming around. i couldn't pay attention. thankfully i made it to the end. in the lobby, she held my hand and led me outside. she told me in a really soft voice that i had to do my poop in my pants. i was really embarrassed. i didn't know what to say. she led me around the parking until i really had to go. then she told me to wait until she counted to 10. i had to really hold myself. by the time she said ten , i was so relieved to let it all come out. i wasn't even embarrassed until the moment i finished. then i wanted to die. she called my mom and told her about my 'accident'. when i got home i took a bath right away.
—Guest elliot

I pooped

My class was at a farmstead with no bathrooms. About 3 minutes into the tour, I had to go #2 real bad! Soon that feeling went away. When we started playing, I went in my pants. What a horrible day!
—Guest pee

Ong my period

I was 7 and I was riding the bus home and when I got up to get off at my stop I felt my pants a little wet and then I looked at the seat to see if I say in water and there was a blob of blood. I quickly pulled down my shirt and got off the bus. Then next day when I got on the bus my bus driver asked if I had spilled marker or pop or something on the seat and I said no. Thankfully he never found out what it actually was!
—Guest Alize

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Bathroom Accident Stories

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