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Readers Respond: What Does Your IBS Pain Feel Like?

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Updated October 11, 2012

Like period pains!

Its awful, get a dull numbing pain in my lower abdomen and back. Very similar to a heavy, painful period. This can be constant throughout the day until I manage to have a proper BM - which can take hours. Been diagnosed (finally) with ibs-c due to having a stomach acid problem prior to it and I've been put on 2 sachets of Molaxole a day for the next month. Hopefully this'll help clear my system and rid the pain haha
—Guest Ann

Ticking Bomb

For the past 6 months I have suffered from bouts of such severe pain that I have gone to e.r. 2x. The pain came out of nowhere and went from 0 to 10 in about 2 minutes. The pain itself feels like my insides are going to fall out. It is searing that even the smallest movement hurts. It is difficult to focus on anything. The only relief I have found is laying on my back with a heating pad.
—Guest Marnie


@marian & EVERYBODY! I also get those SEVERE PAINS, where I cannot not STAND, or WALK for any great length of time. PLEASE, tell me, have you FOUND any relief, or answers!
—Guest IBEandDD_ErikSteele

Child Labor!

It feels like contractions! I start with tiny ones usually during the early evening. Throughout the night they'll get so bad I'm hunching the toilet in pain to make them stop!
—Guest ReliefPlease

IBS pain

Up at 3 am typically feeling upper gut pain like there isn't enough room for the gas build up. so much preasure like I'm going to burst. wondering if I should call an ambulance. only thing I have found to work is anti spasmodic drugs eg buscopan. 20 or so minutes of puffing through the pain then I can get up to make peppermint tea and research ibs on my tablet, probably take valium to relax and get back to sleep its now 5 am thank god I don't have to work tomorrow calling in sick is a stress. people just don't get it.
—Guest keri

Overwhelming pain

It is overwhelming. I can't laugh. I can barely talk. Walking is hard. It's so intense. Makes my whole stomach and back hurt in like contractions. Makes me sweat. Afterwards, I am so weak from the pains. Sometimes it lasts only thirty minutes and sometimes it is all day.
—Guest Mrs. Huddleston


My contractions feel like being wrapped up in a towel really tight. I had some blood loss from my bowel it turned out to be diverticular disease after a camera up my back passage confirmed this. I take 2 ranitidine as soon as the contractions happen and i can feel the bowel relaxing within 15 minutes. I also got thrush very badly due to worms so i used wormwood, black walnut hulls and cloves to cleanse my system. Now i feel much better, hope this helps somebody.


I have had ibs for very many years but worried that discomfort moved from side to side. It feels like a stitch but it expands. Suppose that's gas! Gp-s have not been helpful. Feel reassured that other people have same symptoms. I have also been told I have a gynecological problem.
—Guest dorithy

What is it? IBS or something lurking?

I will sometimes feel as though I've been kicked in the gut - at times badly enough to lay in bed with a heating pad. Is this a symptom of IBS?

body aches

My whole body aches - even my bones, my back. i can feel the swelling. tried tramadol and its great. i can make it to work on time and eat at the family cookouts. i also use probiotics and my dicuclomine. i wish dr would have given me this a long time ago.
—Guest lisa

Sleepless in California

I had an especially intense flare up last night. I went into the bathroom at 2:30 am and came out at 4:15 am only to have to wake up at 6:30 to go to work. My IBS woke me up with intense pain. It feels like my intestines are being twisted and ripped apart . I always start with a normal BM which then becomes watery diarrhea all in one sitting. The waves and contractions of pain are the worst, and the only relief is when I am completely "cleaned out" which then sets me up for a bout of constipation. The cycle then repeats when I'm flaring up. I also have Fibromyalgia, eczema, an interstitial cystitis and IBS seems to go with all these conditions. I always feel like I'm going to pass out due to the voracity of the pain and afterwards when I crawl back into bed then I have chills and intense joint pain. I had a hysterectomy ten years ago to help control the pain but it didn't help. Now I take an OTC pill called "Digestive Advantage", and it does seem to help me a lot.
—Guest Rodriguez


I get God awful bloating and gas pain in my upper stomach and it about kills you. I have to take pepto and place a heating pad on my stomach to make the pain stop. i have pain in my back and stomach everyday. i had my gallbladder removed and have seen three gastros, had a gastric digestive test, two upper endoscopes, a endoscopic ultrasound, numerous blood test, ct scan,s all normal. it is frustrating. you feel so bad you feel like it is serious and it isn't so your stuck dealing with it.
—Guest jenn

My daily IBS

My IBS usually starts an hour or two after waking up. It gradually gets worse after i eat and have a bowel movement. The cramping and squeezing is so painful. I start feeling really dizzy and weak, sometimes I feel im going to pass out. I also cant think straight or concentrate or even have a conversation when im experiencing IBS. The only thing that seems to work for me is when i take Xanax. Ive gone to the emergency room numerous times because of my IBS and that's where they were treating me with Xanax to relieve the cramping of my bowels. Ive seen two GI doctors. The first one he was a joke. He didn't help me much other than making jokes of what i was experiencing. My second GI Doc seems he cares and is helping me out. Ive been experiencing stomach issues for 3 years. Its really hard to exercise with this condition. Just a question for any other IBS people out there. Does anyone feel dizzy or weak with their IBS???? Anyway this has taken over my life. I want this gone from me!!!
—Guest Ron

hey it hurts, i feel you, i have it too

hey so this is so bad, I dont know what to do, it hurts, I swore I have had since I was born I think.
—Guest jdshajhdadu

i am not sure if i have it

I have had pains and not sure what they are. I feel like there are 7 needles going through my side and I haven't stopped feeling like I am going to throw up since 3 days ago and its killing me.
—Guest girlscott 123456789

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