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Readers Respond: How Do You Deal with Incomplete Evacuation?

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Updated October 10, 2012

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  • The feeling of incomplete evacuation can be one of the more uncomfortable aspects of having IBS. How do you deal with it? Have you tried any strategies that help to relieve the symptom? Are there things that you avoid because you know they will make you more uncomfortable? Share your tips here and find out how others deal with incomplete evacuation.

    Easing the strain

    Spinach all the way! It eases the waste's path.just try it once and you will be a convert
    —Guest 2embarassed

    I spend atleast 3 to 4 hours in toilet

    I frel strain and always incomplete feeling of evacuation. When i get up from the toilet i feel lyk sitting back again and pass the remaining stools, but it doesnt help, i end up shitting a little and throughout the day process goes on. I cant go to work and had to leave job as i always went late to work cuz of incomplete painful evacuations.
    —Guest Devstron

    Not constipated

    I have been to the doctor and the ER I have been out on laxatives and miralax by my doc and the ER said there is barely any stool in my system. But I feel like I really have to go, and I can't get any out? What is wrong? My parents refuse to take me to the ER again.
    —Guest Morgan


    I found this site very comforting, as I am not alone. I have IBS and what others have described I have. BM in the morning,but once that happens I'm in for a bad day. Make no difference, once I go, the whole day I'm going and it isn't pleasant. Maybe I'll try the deep breathing techniques someone else here described, what have I got to lose?
    —Guest Sf520

    Uncomfortable & Incomplete evacuation

    every morning i have to evacuate once and i brush my teeth and again it happen to go to evacuate again, i'm fed up by doing this every day, during all the day my bowel are not strong, it troubles me (gas), sometimes after having meal, it happened to go to toilet. fed up with my life
    —Guest chama

    Other problems due to IBS

    I dont know I ve got IBS or not, but after incomplete evacuation I get this little pain and if I m hungry for more than an hour gasses starts to form and I feel dull and jittery throughout the day. I tried drinking lot of water and use of laxatives gives only temporary relief. Is there any way to completely cure it?
    —Guest SRT


    To guest Julie: do not let it affect your life to the point you want to die. Go see a doctor, specifically, I went to a colorectal doctor. He did a colonoscopy. I'm only 35, but I've had 2 colonoscopies. I don't have an answer to my problem yet
    —Guest Nicky

    Pro-biotics, alt. medicine = woo!

    To those mentioning pro-biotics, vitamins, et cetera, please, PLEASE see a doctor. Neither of those things have any proven medical efficacy. Having a vitamin deficiency can be bad, but 99.999% of humans need not take vitamins, ever. And pro-biotics, of the amount living that reach your gut it's quite literally several dozen powers of magnitude smaller than needed to matter. It's just a gimmick for suckers for pseudoscience.
    —Guest See a Doctor


    I recently had a nightmare weekend where I was literally on the toilet for around 20 hours from Friday to Sunday. I thought I would have to go to the hospital. I have rectal prolapse as well and I may be at my wits' end. Every day in general I pray I'll get through it but this past weekend was so painful. I had a colonoscopy and my colon is fine. I may have had some food poisoning because I got nachos which I never get but was out and so hungry I had to get something. I really need help.
    —Guest A

    Do I have incomplete evacuation?

    The worst part about incomplete evacuation is when you actually know what it is like to pass stool normally (in shape, size, color, and especially amount in relation to what you consume!) then suddenly it all changes. I had 9 years of my life passing bowels normally (mostly-occasional diarrhea but not sudden urges with stress - more related to diet choices). Suddenly at 26 my ibs came back. Now this time constipation.  I don't have the normal bathroom urges. Instead i suddenly get a bit nauseous or feel a slight motion in my anus... and i sit on the toilet and wait for it to come out. If I push, I'm out of luck. It will be so difficult to pass. I have to wait til my tummy rumbles and then it starts to come out. Just before any type of feeling of relief that I haven't experienced in months...the bowel movements stop and I feel like the rest won't come. I can wait and wait but not until I clean myself or stand up will I get the feeling that I may get a little more out. Its strange to me.
    —Guest Sunfish

    scheduled BM's and Slow deep breathing

    I have IBS-A but tend to get constipated very easily. I sit on the toilet for 30 minutes everyday at the same time to have a bowel movement. I use slow deep breathing exercises continuously until I have had a bowel movement. The slow deep breathing helps to relax the rectal and anal sphincter muscles making it easier to pass the stool through the rectum and anus. I also don't hurry to clean-up and get off the toilet right away. I stay on the toilet for another 5 minutes and if I feel like I haven't completely emptied out the rectum then I go back to doing the slow deep breathing exercises to see if there is more stool to pass. Bulk forming laxatives like Citrucell twice a day help to keep your stool firm enough that it is formed but soft enough to pass easily. I like the Citrucell because it doesn't cause me to have excess gas or feel like I am bloated. Eating a high fiber diet and drinking lots of water helps keep your bowel movements soft and formed and easy to pass as well.

    Hyperdefecation vs Incomplete evacuation

    I am in a gastroenterology program at Northwestern University where the thought process is to treat this as Hyperdefecation, not incomplete evacuation. The feeling of incomplete evacuation is a result of the nervous system misinterpreting that it is time to go again. This misinterpretation needs to be retrained. This is the best way to deal with this. Feel free to email me at kenbkb@wowway.com. I am in the midst of the program right now and had suffered from what was diagnosed incorrectly as IBS for the previous 11 months.
    —Guest depueman


    I am somehow relieved to know that this pattern has a name. It got worse and worse for me during the years of menopause and after. It's made me late for appointments, caused me to remake appointments at the last minute, and caused me to disappoint friends and loved ones waiting for me in business and recreation. I recently did the IBS100 self-hypnosis series, and it's given me the most help of anything I've tried. In fact, I am going to start the series again in hopes of clearing up the symptoms I still have. Also, I get rectal muscle spasms unrelated to bowel movements and I find a very small amount of Lorazepam is the only thing that helps relax my system. You have to be careful with that drug, but for me, it has been a god send.
    —Guest 1moreIBSr

    OCD and IBSEN

    As a child my parents were "0bsessed" with bowel function and I had to take enemas regularly and was often given laxatives. As an adult I always have had bowel trouble. Since my colorectal surgery last year I have had a lot of trouble trying to get "regular" and suffer from incomplete movements. I have tried fiber, bulk laxatives etc but I still struggle. It is a daily "issue" that I would like to resolve. I find your IBS news very helpful and it is comforting to know I am not alone. Maybe I will try biofeedback next.
    —Guest Lee


    I hate those days when it feels like I have to go all day. I go back to the toilet, but then nothing wants to come out. It is so frustrating! The worst part is when it starts in the morning, because then I know I am in for a bad day all day.

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