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Readers Respond: How Do You Deal with Incomplete Evacuation?

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Updated October 10, 2012

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  • From the article: Incomplete Evacuation
    The feeling of incomplete evacuation can be one of the more uncomfortable aspects of having IBS. How do you deal with it? Have you tried any strategies that help to relieve the symptom? Are there things that you avoid because you know they will make you more uncomfortable? Share your tips here and find out how others deal with incomplete evacuation. Share Your Experience!

    incomplete evacuaction

    people can try tripala soornam one table soon mixed in hot water and after allowing it to settle for 15 mts drink it just before going to bed. It is available in kottakkal aryavadiya sala. You may consult the doctor there in. Take on advice from the doctor.
    —Guest ramadas

    Constant feeling of poop pushing out

    I am 17 and for the past year i have a constant feeling that there is a piece of poop sitting just inside my rectum. it feels so horrible and i dont know what to do.
    —Guest dean

    Incomplete Evacuation? I don't know.

    I do evacuate 1-2 hrs after a BM especially if I move about. The problem is that I do not know it until I smell it and then I know that others do also. The feces is mushy with both solid and liquid deposits. I can't help but think it might have to do with gas expelling. Where do I fit in and what do I do about it. I take Citracel every AM and that is all the doctors say to do after they collect their $ for a colonoscopy. The last colonoscopy I had the nurse told me that the gastro (best in town??) had 17 scheduled that day.


    geeze man, every grocery store sells handi wipes. In fact they come in individual moist packets. You can carry a dozen flat packets i n your pocket secretly. Buy the large package of them for your home bathroom, dispose in a tied up plastic bag, don't flush. You'll never use tp again. You can also carry a tiny sample size of lotion in your pocket. find one with no astringent chemical in it. you figure out what to do with that.
    —Guest puddintain

    abdominal pressure

    I feel like i need to go. But i can't. I have to make myself go Number 1 (urinate)' what is wrong with me?
    —Guest Andrea


    Its been a while, I feel like going to the bathroom very rapidly but I sit there, nothing comes out. I've been sick for couple of days and had to take many pills (2pills/6hours x 4times) I don't know if there is any relation, but it started after I finished my medication (panadol). Any suggestions of what I might be suffering? Thank you.
    —Guest Guest Karim

    Please help

    I'm not sure if I have a phobia or if its IBS, I'm fine when I'm near a toilet but as soon as I know I can't go I need to go desperately!! and i panic! it's starting to be a problem as I'm now put off going on long trips or walks.
    —Guest Sue


    I've had the same problem for 2 years, i used all kinds of laxatives but nothing seemed to help! Then i found this amazing suppository that helps widens the rectum and makes evacuation easier. It's really safe it has no side effects.. It only contains some kind of gas that does the job. I found it in germany but i dont know if it's available somewhere else, i hope this helps :)
    —Guest GG1

    Getting better

    My situation improved dramatically after changing the way I sit on the toilet. Just as it is coming out, I elevate myself slightly as if I am getting up from a chair, so I have no contact with the seat; I am actually 1-2 inches higher than the seat. My upper body is leaned forward and I keep all muscles relaxed. I maintain this elevated position and everything comes out. I have to say that I have no premedical conditions and am not allergic to anything. I am also a healthy eater. I go every morning, but it used to be 50% of the time I feel incomplete. Changing my sitting position has helped a lot.
    —Guest Bob

    feel like i have to poo all the time

    I feel sick in the guts and cannot go out much cause I feel like I need to go to the toilet. doctor tells me I have ibs and I have tried everything but still having bad days. I have mucus in my arse like golf balls and diarrhea but the feeling like pooing is terrible. I feel it now and have already gone to the toilet 5 times. cant even be a parent anymore to my daughter as I am a single mum just want to die. dead would be better than this pain please help me.
    —Guest julie

    warm baths

    I've been suffering for years now, it's all very frustrating. The only thing that's ever helped is taking a warm bath. I know it's just a band-aid but it's something that helps me get by.
    —Guest Vee

    Don't know how to live anymore

    I'M 45 years old and don't have a doctor so i really can't say i have IBS but i think i do. I can't go for walks or go for long trips cause lots of time i don't make it to the toilet, what a terrible feeling of crapping in your pants... Feels good to say it to somebody. Thanks for reading.....
    —Guest Nathalie

    incomplete evacuation

    I have suffered with this condition ever since I was a teenager. I have tried to explain it to my doctors, but they don't get it. I do not believe in taking a lot of medications, so when they hear that, they are dismissive and leave me to figure it out on my own. I can go for days without a bm, and then all at once I have to go with an uncommon urgency. When I have to go I seem to have to urinate no less than twice an hour. Sometimes that is the only way I know I have to go. Are my bowels pushing against my bladder? When I go my bowels have turned very liquidy, and push out but, it always feels like there is still more to come out but , it is as though the muscle cannot work past the initial evacuation. I have colonoscopies to no avail. Every time I go I can't help to feel a little cheated. Also my bowels have gotten so that they are picky about what day they will move, and it's always when I am pressed for time.
    —Guest marie

    Try this

    Magnesium 500mg capsules one three times day. If constipated take two or three at once to move it along. And don't forget the hydrocil three times daily or once in the morning and once in the evening. It is the active ingredient of metamucil with out the sugar. Its tasteless and can be added to baked bread of food. Ask you Pharmacy to carry it or order it online
    —Guest David Gibson


    I used to have this problem quite often, but have found that it has gone away quite a bit when I drink a lot of water and exercise. I cannot stress how helpful exercising has been for my IBS and even more helpful for my anxiety (which is common for IBS-ers).
    —Guest KW

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    How Do You Deal with Incomplete Evacuation?

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