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Readers Respond: What Other Symptoms Do You Have?

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Updated October 02, 2012

From the article: IBS and Weird Symptoms
Many IBS patients experience symptoms in other parts of the body than the intestines that may be associated with their IBS. These symptoms can be digestive, like nausea and heartburn, or totally unrelated to the digestive system, such as headaches and frequent urination. Sadly, these symptoms are often minimized by healthcare professionals. Share your symptoms here and find out what other symptoms IBS patients find themselves dealing with. Share Your Experience

Weird symptoms

I get ibs symptoms out of the blue. It's last for a few day and them it's good for a few weeks. I usually feal stomack pain on my lower left and upper left side of my stomach. It seem to be far worse in winter than summer. I also have anxiety which leads me to think I'm dying of cancer or some rare disease that no one knows about. Every time I go to doc I feal like they are just guessing and don't believe some of my symptoms. It's a never ending battle and it sucks. It's extremely stressful to deal with and then the stress makes things all worse. Idk what to do anymore.
—Guest Bob

ibs for too long

I was diagnosed with ibs 14 years ago. and last year in march i had my worst experience. from march until august i had constant diarrhea. i couldnt drink water or anything. i lwas losing pounds every week. my gi specialist was a sweetheart. she did so many tests to make sure it was just ibs. at the end i lost 45 pounds my hair was falling out, my teeth are so brittle, and so exhausted i became super emotional and anxiety kicked in. im not back to normal, whatever normal is. but maybe one day ill find that solution to help me. i miss lots of things. parties, family functions.but i make sure i show up to my kids stuff. its difficult to travel. but they have grown up with me so they already know momma needs the restroom and needs it now.lol everyone please keep your head up especially if your new to this. you can still live your life your just living it a little different:)
—Guest heather

The Dr's cant figure it out

I have had issues with what Dr's have said is IBS for as long as I can remember. It started as what I thought was car sickness every morning when my mother would drive me to school. I would start to feel sick and have to stop to go to the bathroom. It had seemed to go away or at least seemed a little better for a few years but then when I was about 15 I started have a lot of problems again. I would constantly wake up having to go to the bathroom and would be in there for hours, every time I would eat something I would be in the bathroom 5 min into the meal. I would get a sharp pain in the lower left side of my stomach what felt like I was being stabbed. As I've gotten older I've started to get more nauseous as soon as I wake up and I have had a ton of tests done, tried different diets, exercising and different medications. some work for a little while and then stop. I've come to the conclusion that if the Dr's cant figure our what you have they just say its IBS and call it a day. Help please!

stomach cramp daily

i am having stomach bloating, excessive gas but not obnoxious, when food gets in to the stomach cramping starts. i lost weight, had earlier diarrhea. what can i do?
—Guest otis

It's never ending

It seems like a never ending battle! It started when I was 7 and ten years later it is only getting worse. For many years teachers at my school would say I had an eating disorder because I was scared to eat, and embarrassed to tell anyone. As I got older and it started effecting my school and sports I had my parents take me to the doctors. I have been poked and prodded. They thought I had a disease and then cancer... Finally all they told me it could be IBS. I've come to the conclusion they have no idea how to help anyone with IBS. After 10 years no medicine, supplements, diet changes or vitamins have helped at all. It's such a hard/disgusting thing to tell someone. It's starts with uncomfortable continuous burping that makes me gag, then the wind and finally the buckle-over pain. The pain ranges from very minimal to shaking uncontrollably and vomiting, with dizziness and blacking out thrown in there. I'll constantly switch between hot and cold and stay in the bathroom for over an hour!
—Guest Nina

Weak/buzzy legs

I have all these symptoms ...the cramping/run to bathroom especially after breakfast but can happen anytime..constant loose stools..lower back pain. The pain is severe high up under the right and left rib cages and upper stomach. Always hot and sweats one hour after meal. Newer symptom is weak and "buzzy feeling" legs. I also have Hashimoto's thyroid disease (no thyroid gland) and insulin resistance. So can't tell the chickens from the egg anymore..
—Guest Rocky's Mom

What I do.

When on the loo needing to go, I lean on my knees with my elbows, close my eyes and take deep breaths. In through the nose and out through the mouth. This seems to help to go a little quicker and less painful most times. If that doesn't work I do that and sway back and forth. Seems to help it move through the intestine easier. I didn't realise that my case isn't the worst. I did almost black out in work once and hoping its the last time. I feel dizzy almost all the time and tired. Mum doesn't understand it effects my sleep and keeps on at me for being up late and sleeping in. Working nights. That's what I need to do to help me get through my shift. I hope my techniques help. Deep breaths during an attack while laying flat on my bed also helps a little. Or light panting if the attack is severe. Hope it helps. Does anyone else black out? Or faint?
—Guest Jess


Anyone had black outs?? Iv heard its a very rare symptom and have experienced a black out for a split second in work causing me to almost fall.
—Guest Jess

One more thing

I don't find doctors helpful at all , they basically said what do you want us to do about it ... baring in mind it's my first flare up and I was and still am worried it Could be something else , had blood tests done recently they were Fine which is the only thing that makes Me worry less .... does anyone wake up in the middle of the night with an almost sore throat / closed throat feeling ? I've had this the past few nights , along with the pain obviously and freaks me out . Seen as though most causes of ibs are stress related it doesn't make sense how I can go all day at work sometimes almost pain free ( when I'm stressed the most ) then on the night I go bed feeling ok wake up feeling horrendous again .. And right now it's 4.05am and I can't sleep been up nearly 2 hours .. I didn't realise how bad this condition can get until now but it gets worse in 20's anyway so I've heard
—Guest Guest 23 f

It sucks

I also can go to the toilet in the morning 2-3 times within 20 minutes space before work , then as I think it's all out as it were .. Ill make a tea and I'll have a sip and all of a sudden a sudden need to go toilet again ... but I can't cuz I have buses to catch so I have to hold it in by which time major stomach pains and feeling like it needs to come out baaad !! I have been not too bad almost pain free today for the whole day then 2 hours into sleeping I'm woken up by needing a poo. How lovely and I could maybe need another one now an hour later .. I can't sleep on my sides much anymore cuz it hurts too much and almost feels hard on the left side :/ no one in my life really understands how severe ibs is and how it effects your life , some say at work even find it funny as I always need the toilet ... and so many times people say its diet but I eat perfectly healthy most Times and I'm avoiding dairy products as milk always seems to make it worse ... ,oh well what can u do :/
—Guest Guest 23 F

Feeling crap

First flare up lasting over 2 weeks so far .. and I've had constipation , not being able to pass wind . Passing too much , stomach churning / grumbling particulary at night , lightheaded , feeling sick , headaches , diarrhea , funny lookin stools , a swollen almost lumpy feeling in my left side , swollen on the right , backpain , leg pain ( started off as leg pain with pain on left then moved all over ) and the occasional chills .. So yeah :-/
—Guest Guest 23 yrs F

IBS and Fibro

I have had both since I was in my 20s I'm n.ot 57 thankfully I found out about LDN, it not only helped my FIBRO but with in 2 months my IBS was 90% under control thank GOD!! GOOGLE LDN and FIBRO.
—Guest windingdown

ibs associated with left sided numbness

I was diagnosed with ibs for about 26 years. My symptoms is all pain all day long 24 hrs in my transverse colon. I don't have a diarrhea or constipation but my stool is loose. My left sided body senses a decrease of sensitivity of heat, pain and touch etc. I also have chronic pain at my left side of my head was wondering is there anyone experiencing such symptoms with me.
—Guest rulai2013

don't give up

About 40 odd years ago I had stomach aches and after all sorts of medication I was sent to the hospital several times over the years for all sorts of examinations, nothing was found, about 15 yrs ago my GP said I was a hypochondriac or it could be IBS. I had a pain in my right lower abdomen, but he insisted there was nothing there. About 4 years ago I was diagnosed with abdominal cancer and operated, I was also given chemo, which have given me extreme side effects. I still have many of the symptoms mentioned by fellow sufferers, and one can imagine the stomach bloating after having the surgery it is worst in the morning. Every morning I do an hours gymnastics including 100 sit-ups, I go for a long walk every day, I can now get my toilet visits down to twice a day 8 and 11 o clock although I must urinate up to 10 times a day once at night. I do mix fibers in my breakfast and keep away from raw vegetables. The IBS symptoms have not gone away but somewhat reduced.
—Guest Sam

ibs symptoms

I have been having IBS for the last two years and counting and I'm only 20! I feel dizzy, flushed and even eating a little I need to go to the toilet. The tablets they gave me stopped my regular visits to the bathroom, I preferably have to go 3-4 times then feel hungry again. I stopped eating oily foods and only eat at rare times. I feel I need the toilet more often than I think even for a wee. I'm a vegetarian and don't know what caused this! All my foods come out so there is no fuel left inside me! My doctor said I got IBS symptoms and it's natural but it's very painful at times.
—Guest Roshni

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