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Readers Respond: What Other Symptoms Do You Have?

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Updated October 02, 2012

From the article: IBS and Weird Symptoms
Many IBS patients experience symptoms in other parts of the body than the intestines that may be associated with their IBS. These symptoms can be digestive, like nausea and heartburn, or totally unrelated to the digestive system, such as headaches and frequent urination. Sadly, these symptoms are often minimized by healthcare professionals. Share your symptoms here and find out what other symptoms IBS patients find themselves dealing with.


I too have had a lot of the symptoms you are all mentioning and am having various tests to see what it is. I have been having acupuncture and this has made an amazing difference. My acupuncturist who is also a reiki master says it is just stuck energy that is not circulating round my body properly. Whatever she is doing it is really helping. Will let you know if I am cured through this.
—Guest Dawn

IBS too

First of all I had diarrhea and extreme pain in my back and this was all on the right side. I would throw up and be in pain that I could not relieve.After about two years of this they said it was my gallbladder. They took out the gallbladder and I was fine for awhile and then the diarrhea again and pain in my lower intestines, now I have IBS which I now learned can be brought on by having your gallbladder out. Think twice about having your gallbladder out. CHANGE YOUR DIET. My IBS is most definitely brought on by STRESS for me. I can tell it is coming as I am usually an up beat person and as soon as I feel like I am getting depressed or a bit down I take my meds as it is a warning sign that I am going to have an attack. I take IC Dicyclomine 10 mg. and it relaxes my intestines. Most of the time it helps. Now I am on the BRAT diet, only bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. Fried foods can aggravate it for me other than that I am still learning.
—Guest Beth


I agree that there is symptons of ibs with gastritis. Keeping your iron up helps.
—Guest olga

IBS is getting worse overtime

I was passed off with an IBS diagnosis a few years ago when my doctor couldn't figure out what was going on. I have attacks in the middle of the night that wake me up. It starts with unbearable rectal pain/spasms, followed swiftly by intense stomach pains, nausea and dizziness. I rush of to the bathroom with the feeling of needed to pass stool but never actually do. The cold sweats then start and I will be shivering but will be dripping with sweat. I then usually pass out unless I can get myself to the floor quick enough but this is often difficult because the pain is almost paralyzing. When I regain consciousness (10-15mins later) the pain has usually eased and I can go back to bed and try to sleep. I am usually wiped out the next day with regular twinges in my stomach and rectal area.
—Guest Emily

I feel like im getting worse

I went back 3 days later after being told im literally full of poo and they gave me 3 soap sud enemas. Since then ive been getting severe sharps pain on my right and left side mostly right and still straining when I go. I feel like giving up already and have noticed my poo coming out pale for a couple days now. And I know thats not a symptom of ibs or gastritis. Im very worried and had a horrible panic attack a few days ago and today I woke up with excruciating pain on the left side possibly under my rib. Again no fever. Bp is a bit high 132/79 pulse 96. Idk what to do anymore. I dont want to go to the er again becuz I feel like its a waste of time since nothing is ever found. Depression has set in, I dont want to go anywhere and have ignored my friends since the big panic attack. So far all ive had done was a endoscopy which diagnosed the acute gastritis two ultrasiunds that came out fine and an x ray that found I was extremely backed up and blood work came out fine other than anemic
—Guest cray


Most of everything i read above sounds familiar I real don't know What to do. every time I go to the ER they act like nothing Is wrong like I'm crazy or I don't know what I'm feeling I been taking pills for depression I hope one day I get my life back.
—Guest crystal

IBS/ Fibro

A real help reading all the comments which I can truly relate to! I was born in March 1951. I first remember having 'a punched stomach feeling agent I was about 18. I would lie hours bent double with cramps, fund if hard to breath as my diaphragm would push up towards my chest. Have tried flat coke, Rennie products, Bisodol, fizzy drinks to make me burp. I have tried Bucospan for IBS. Nothing seems to work, feel I bit of relief with hot water bottles and lying in hot bath through the night. Stomach tightens up can't sleep have not has a good nights sleep for the past 23 years. If I go to long without food and get upright, this brings it on, just goes through its on time usually 23 hours. Recently about 3 weeks. Constant sore heads, and migraines. Rushing makes it worse. Ferl hungry , empty tummy feeling. if i eat quickly, bang it comes in like a rush . Sore joints and muscles, light and noise make me want to get off side.
—Guest David McClung

ibs, all in my head ,or something worse

I was recently diagnosed with ibs and gastritis. 2 month ago came down with a bad cold and once I was getting better from the cold the bloating/gassyness came which isnt relieved by going then my bowels changed I would only get a small amount of diarrhea out in the morning if and only I drank my coffee. Went to the dr got an ultrasound everything was fine. But the symptoms didnt go way it got worse. The second week I started getted horrible lower right back pain. I went to the er they dismissed my abdominal pain nd said maybe its a herniated disk heres some pain killer and ull be good. But I wasnt and I feel like its getting worse! I went agin to a different ee and the took n x ray and said there is poop every where in there. So they gave me magnesium citrate and miralax. Aftwr taking the magnesium citrate I had to run to the bathroom and after awhile of going andgoing and going it strted to be clear then eventually stopped and from there I couldnt even pass gass!
—Guest cray

IBS diagnosed

I am 16 years old and last year I was told I had ibs. I get terrible sick (especially at school) when I'm stressed out so bad to the point that I missed most of my school year. This year my symptoms have changed to constant head aches, always being freezing, constant hunger (even if I'm not that hungry) and a fear of going anywheres without a bathroom. My mother tells me I'm faking it but I'm honestly terrified to go virtually anywheres, especially school because kids are really mean. Is there anything that could help me? I would love to be able to go to my friends without being scared I might get sick.
—Guest Elaine

anyone get pain EVERY time they eat?

No matter what I eat I get stomach cramps straight after, usually they only last a few minutes, but every time it happens my anxiety flips out and I panic. Im still not convinced It's IBS causing it because it gets so bad sometimes I feel like I'm going to die die. And half the time I want to because it has completely worsened my anxiety and depression.. Anyone else the same? :\
—Guest el


I was diagnosed with IBS 9 years ago. It used to be that all I had for symptoms was gas, bloating, intestinal cramps and diarrhea. Eventually the symptoms got worse. Now they include intestinal burning and fatigue after a "fit". Has anyone else had that burning feeling, during or after a "fit"?
—Guest Kirsten

try apple cider vinegar!

I have been having awful stomach problems for the last year or so with reflux and and is like stomach issues. Been drinking a glass of water with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar really helps keep ur pH levels. No more reflux for me
—Guest applevinegarfriend


—Guest SACHA

Why even IBS?!

I have been 'diagnosed' with IBS after many years of being told it's just cos I was a teenager. I get sick every time I poop, it's very difficult not to be sick whilst going, my legs go numb for about 10 mins then I get severe pins and needles, I have horrible stomach cramps almost every day, horrendous amounts of loud gas (which is not good when your sitting in a quiet college class) and constant pain and fatigue. I've changed my diet to as healthy as it can be, and every pill (the ones the doctors give me and herbal remedies) doesn't work after a week or two. Doctors just took a guess and pan me off with more tablets but won't refer me to investigate further... Is there any way of getting referred, because it's getting to the point where I'm taking tablets everyday to make me not go to the toilet because I travel quite a lot every day and have no access to a toilet at most times and I don't want to give up my dreams because of a seriously dodgy tummy! :( help!
—Guest Nommidome


i have same problem. i get holly horses in my stomach. it hurts so bad. ive been to er over the pain and they do an x-ray and see that im litterly full of shit. they dont no how im even walking. they dont know why my colon isn't working that great.
—Guest rach

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