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Readers Respond: What Other Symptoms Do You Have?

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Updated October 02, 2012

From the article: IBS and Weird Symptoms
Many IBS patients experience symptoms in other parts of the body than the intestines that may be associated with their IBS. These symptoms can be digestive, like nausea and heartburn, or totally unrelated to the digestive system, such as headaches and frequent urination. Sadly, these symptoms are often minimized by healthcare professionals. Share your symptoms here and find out what other symptoms IBS patients find themselves dealing with. Share Your Experience

IBS/ Fibro

A real help reading all the comments which I can truly relate to! I was born in March 1951. I first remember having 'a punched stomach feeling agent I was about 18. I would lie hours bent double with cramps, fund if hard to breath as my diaphragm would push up towards my chest. Have tried flat coke, Rennie products, Bisodol, fizzy drinks to make me burp. I have tried Bucospan for IBS. Nothing seems to work, feel I bit of relief with hot water bottles and lying in hot bath through the night. Stomach tightens up can't sleep have not has a good nights sleep for the past 23 years. If I go to long without food and get upright, this brings it on, just goes through its on time usually 23 hours. Recently about 3 weeks. Constant sore heads, and migraines. Rushing makes it worse. Ferl hungry , empty tummy feeling. if i eat quickly, bang it comes in like a rush . Sore joints and muscles, light and noise make me want to get off side.
—Guest David McClung

ibs, all in my head ,or something worse

I was recently diagnosed with ibs and gastritis. 2 month ago came down with a bad cold and once I was getting better from the cold the bloating/gassyness came which isnt relieved by going then my bowels changed I would only get a small amount of diarrhea out in the morning if and only I drank my coffee. Went to the dr got an ultrasound everything was fine. But the symptoms didnt go way it got worse. The second week I started getted horrible lower right back pain. I went to the er they dismissed my abdominal pain nd said maybe its a herniated disk heres some pain killer and ull be good. But I wasnt and I feel like its getting worse! I went agin to a different ee and the took n x ray and said there is poop every where in there. So they gave me magnesium citrate and miralax. Aftwr taking the magnesium citrate I had to run to the bathroom and after awhile of going andgoing and going it strted to be clear then eventually stopped and from there I couldnt even pass gass!
—Guest cray

IBS diagnosed

I am 16 years old and last year I was told I had ibs. I get terrible sick (especially at school) when I'm stressed out so bad to the point that I missed most of my school year. This year my symptoms have changed to constant head aches, always being freezing, constant hunger (even if I'm not that hungry) and a fear of going anywheres without a bathroom. My mother tells me I'm faking it but I'm honestly terrified to go virtually anywheres, especially school because kids are really mean. Is there anything that could help me? I would love to be able to go to my friends without being scared I might get sick.
—Guest Elaine

anyone get pain EVERY time they eat?

No matter what I eat I get stomach cramps straight after, usually they only last a few minutes, but every time it happens my anxiety flips out and I panic. Im still not convinced It's IBS causing it because it gets so bad sometimes I feel like I'm going to die die. And half the time I want to because it has completely worsened my anxiety and depression.. Anyone else the same? :\
—Guest el


I was diagnosed with IBS 9 years ago. It used to be that all I had for symptoms was gas, bloating, intestinal cramps and diarrhea. Eventually the symptoms got worse. Now they include intestinal burning and fatigue after a "fit". Has anyone else had that burning feeling, during or after a "fit"?
—Guest Kirsten

try apple cider vinegar!

I have been having awful stomach problems for the last year or so with reflux and and is like stomach issues. Been drinking a glass of water with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar really helps keep ur pH levels. No more reflux for me
—Guest applevinegarfriend


—Guest SACHA

Why even IBS?!

I have been 'diagnosed' with IBS after many years of being told it's just cos I was a teenager. I get sick every time I poop, it's very difficult not to be sick whilst going, my legs go numb for about 10 mins then I get severe pins and needles, I have horrible stomach cramps almost every day, horrendous amounts of loud gas (which is not good when your sitting in a quiet college class) and constant pain and fatigue. I've changed my diet to as healthy as it can be, and every pill (the ones the doctors give me and herbal remedies) doesn't work after a week or two. Doctors just took a guess and pan me off with more tablets but won't refer me to investigate further... Is there any way of getting referred, because it's getting to the point where I'm taking tablets everyday to make me not go to the toilet because I travel quite a lot every day and have no access to a toilet at most times and I don't want to give up my dreams because of a seriously dodgy tummy! :( help!
—Guest Nommidome


i have same problem. i get holly horses in my stomach. it hurts so bad. ive been to er over the pain and they do an x-ray and see that im litterly full of shit. they dont no how im even walking. they dont know why my colon isn't working that great.
—Guest rach

Always feel hungry, no appetite

IBS symptoms for years, yet cannot get a diagnosis. For the past 2-3 years has been compounded with an almost constant gnawing, acidic, hunger type feeling regardless of what and when or how much I eat. This feeling will occasionally go away for a day or two, but always returns. Have had tests done, but none resulting in a diagnosis. New symptoms to add: a week ago began experiencing yellow, runny diarrhea. It is worse in the morning and seems to subside as the day goes on -- the next day we start all over again. Just to round out my picture, I suffer from chronic migraines (I take a preventative which helps) hypothyroid (take an ever changing dose of synthroid) and fibromyalgia. I've been taking neurontin for the fibro, which helps a lot. Now if I could find something to help the stomach, colon, bowel. Ideas, anyone??
—Guest Celia

Have Leaky Gut w/ IBS

I have been diagnosed with MS, GERD, IBS, Fibromyalgia, Systemic yeast infestation and Leaky Gut (LG not recognized by doctors, they call it intestinal permeability). I take Ambien to sleep, perspire badly, chilled at other times, when I eat my lower intestines hurt. I am constipated, itchy everywhere, and I mean everywhere! I am being treated for leaky gut & it means I can't eat sugar, wheat, gluten, yeast, fruits (except lemon/lime), meat, eggs and a list of other things they have determined I'm allergic to. Yes, all the things I love. I eat a lot of veggies and fish, wheatless grain (like brown rice, millet, amaranth, etc.) I'm on a four day rotational diet where I can only eat one thing once in those four days. Then I start all over. With this & supplements I feel more sick to my stomach, then a need to eat, then pain that throbs below. I thought after ten days I'd feel better, but I don't. I've been sick for many years & I am always tired. I wish I could work. All the best.
—Guest guest-Bea


I feel as if we all could start a group session. I was diagnosed with IBS a few years ago. I go from being constipated bloated swollen stomach . To cramps from he** and diarrhea. I recently started having reflux issues. I can't sleep if I do go to sleep I wake up coughing and gagging. My legs cramp I'm freezing . I feel sick all the time. This has consumed my life. If traveling I know where every bathroom is and if we get somewhere I don't know I panic. I am so tired of living this way. My DR said he just doesn't know. ... he said nerves maybe ..... you think really ???? I just want to feel normal again.
—Guest KB

Can relate to weird symptoms

Wow so glad I came upon this web site with these stories. I have the same symptoms going on.. I was also dianosed with IBS, but seems like it has gotten worse, with the light headedness, nausea, excessive bloating and passing of gas no matter where I am .. sweating and burning up throughout my body , this happen alot during the night and then I have to sit up and usually don't get back to sleep, also experience and foggy memory.. Can anyone share how they are handling it ? Thank u all for sharing your symptoms
—Guest LC


Wow! I've read the above and feel a lot of what you suffer us what I suffer. They need to research ibs more to find beneficial advice and treatment for patients. Employers also need to offer support more.
—Guest Arden

Major pain

I have major anxiety to begin with! But today I went to the bathroom everything was fine then a couple minutes later I get this feeling in my lower abdomen. It felt like when you have to pee really badly but it got more intense and became more sharp. It all happened suddenly within 5mins. It's the first time that I can remember this happening. The pain got so bad I had to bend over because it hurt to much to stand up. I feel alottt of gas from the back but when I go to the bathroom to do number 2 some gas comes out followed by sharp pain so I just stop pushing. Idk it feels weird idk what to do. First I thought it was food poisioning but I've had food poisoning before and it wasn't that painful. I get really sweaty in my forehead when the pain starts but I'm pretty sure it's just my anxiety. And all morning before the pain started I had a puking feeling and empty stomach
—Guest Terra

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