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Readers Respond: What Other Symptoms Do You Have?

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Updated October 02, 2012

From the article: IBS and Weird Symptoms
Many IBS patients experience symptoms in other parts of the body than the intestines that may be associated with their IBS. These symptoms can be digestive, like nausea and heartburn, or totally unrelated to the digestive system, such as headaches and frequent urination. Sadly, these symptoms are often minimized by healthcare professionals. Share your symptoms here and find out what other symptoms IBS patients find themselves dealing with. Share Your Experience

Needed to hear I'm not alone

I share so many of all your symptoms I've had IBS since I was 12 and it has gotten worse over the years. I'm 31 and I have good weeks and bad weeks. I try to stay positive and hope that research can help find more answers to this horrible condition.
—Guest acp83

Can Crohn's Evolve?

I've had Crohn's 3+ years now, but currently experiencing sharp pains in upper right abdominal area, hardened and distended abdominal muscles, nausea all the time, periodic migraines, dizziness, more than usual diarrhea, pain upon eating or drinking anything, hot flashes, and already went to hospital last week and just found inflammation aka adentitis. Painful, but not the solution. I'm searching for a correct diagnosis. Is this Crohn's evolving into something more?

I think I have ibs

I went for a sona/ultrasound after feeling sick all the time. It came back normal with just a mild faecal loading colon. As I am very constipated. I Google'd my symptoms as the doctor's are all just saying the same thing. Its in my head. I feel like I am going to die at times. Get so gassy that I have to burp all the time. I get hungry but as soon as I eat my first bite. I feel sick and like I am going to choke. I don't know what to do I have lost a lot of weight already that the doctor's are saying I am very underweight. Need advice
—Guest ayesh26

Whole body symptoms

I've been assuming I have fibromyalgia along with IBS. My whole body aches. I have about 98% of fibro symptoms. I am hyper sensitive to my body, to noise and to light. I think it all goes together.
—Guest Marcia

Throat Gurgles

I've had IBS since I was 13/14 and my first sign is usually my throat gurgling. I am physically unable to burp, I have never burped in my life other than right before I vomit (which I have only done twice in the last 7 years) This causes gas to build up which is made worst by my constipation type IBS. I also get pain similar to period pain, bloating, stomach/gut spasms, and pain in my rectum/anus. I'm yet to discover which foods cause my IBS to flare up, but full fat coca cola and mcdonald's food seems to make it particularly bad.
—Guest ofjune

Fed up

After reading all the comments posted, in a strange way I feel more relieved. Head ache / cramps / light feeling in my legs, and constraint every day from morning to night in my lower stomach. This is my second bout of IBS in 10 months and this time round it's stayed for 2 months.. It sucks but I not letting it beat me .. Up yours IBS your not spoiling the way I live .. Keep strong everyone !
—Guest Steve

IBS Symptoms

glad to read all this. My first bout was several years ago and was sure I was having a stroke or heart attack. My blood pressure was very high (probably due to stressing out) Was cleared in ER - had to spend the night. No answers. Most of the time the weakness and other symptoms clear after several bms. Today was more unusual as I was tired to the extreme and took the whole day to feel decent. That is when I went to this board. Guess we just live with it, cause I never know what causes the attacks.
—Guest muttnut

Strange Symptoms

I hate it when I have a flare up as I can't get rid of it for ages!!! I get the constipated sort. My belly bloats until I look about 6 months pregnant, I have embarrassing amounts of gas and sometimes it just feels as though my whole digestive system has frozen up and I'm being poisoned from the inside of my own body. It causes nausea, sweating and then chills, fatigue and weakness. Alcohol makes it worse. What's weird is that a certain food type will trigger it one time and then a completely different food another. I can go months without a flare up, especially if I excercise and skip breakfast- it works for me! But once I get one, my stomach will stay sensitive for 1-2 months! Nightmare!!!
—Guest NickiJA


I have a lot of the same symptoms as everyone here but I have yet to see a doctor about it. It started about a year ago when I was having pain during sex. I seen a couple different doctors who all performed vaginal exams and scopes and it all just came to an end yesterday when I went for my final pap and my gynecologist said everything was fine. But during the exam she felt around my bowel and that's when I felt the pain. So I've made an appointment with my family dr to get referred to a gi and hopefully get some of the answers I've been looking for. My symptoms range from abdominal pain, loose stool, frequent bowel movements, nausea, dizziness, anxiety, and everyday weakness!!! It's bothering my work life and my social life!! Is this ibs or a gluten reaction?
—Guest Lila


I tool am suffering from the same symptoms as all of you and I am older. The Doctors dont have a clue how frustrating it is. Even the Gastroenterologist feels he has done all he can once he diagnoses IBS.
—Guest Joan

thought i was going mad

it has so helped me , after reading thess, i have been told i have ibs, been of work now for 3 months the pain high up in my stomach, along with panic attacks, fast heartbeat, even been put on med to slow my heart down, and the pulsing feeling in my stomach is so bad, feel so cold all the time, sick, anxious, hot flushes, constipated most of the time to, its ruining my life , and the worst o it , people don't understand , so reading this feels good, knowing i am not alone , i had convinced my self i had something so serious and was dying , have even had a body cat scan done, i have not left the house for 3 months now, can this be ibs that is causing all this pain and panic, even being sent to a psychologist, my doc keeps telling me its anxiety that is causing all theses symptoms,i need to try to relax but find it so so hard feeling all this pain, i have so many same symptoms all over my body, i am 52 and wonder if it is not helping going through the change of life.
—Guest linda

I get this a lot

today after only being able to partially have a bowel movement it started, as the pain vanished the shaky disease started. I remember when I was younger, my bowel pain would shift to my knees. this would hurt badly.
—Guest Tiean


I feel better just knowing that I'm not alone with this, I have very similar symptoms, anybody have their blood pressure raise? thanks for the info, try to stay strong. I know what your saying about work - thank god I only work part time.
—Guest nanette

diagnosed with IBS

My doctor told me to just eat anything I wanted, but I know that if I did that I would have digestive upsets including frequent diarrhea from IBS. I have had diarrhea the past 3 days and usually it doesn't last this long. I have bananas, what to do about this besides panic?


Everything I have read here reminds me of how I felt before I found out I was being hurt by gluten. If you suffer as described you should give up gluten (thats wheat and barley) for two weeks. You might feel better in a day or two as I did. Remember that includes beer because it has barley. Also if you want to try another tack...try only organic wheat products only...makes a huge difference when I cheat my diet. I ad terrible stomach acid and gas and bowel troubles and they are all under control now after changing my diet. Read up on celiac.
—Guest Evan

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