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Readers Respond: How Do You Ease Gas and Bloating?

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Updated October 01, 2012

Since intestinal gas and bloating can be uncomfortable, not to mention embarrassing, it would be helpful to learn what you can do to ease your symptoms. Sometimes it requires a diet change, other times an over-the-counter product. Gas and bloating are symptoms that most people experience at one time or another, but rarely discuss openly how they deal with it. Here is a place to do just that: Learn what other people do to ease gas and bloating and share your favorite gas-reducing tip.


—Guest fan

Lay And Chew!

Lay down flat as can be on your stomach and chew really minty gum, such as peppermint, spearmint, or wintergreen!
—Guest Marg

Maintaining Dignity

In case you ever pass out gas , just blow it away and people near you will never have to deal with the bad smell. Dont make it too obvious but a gentle blow should be fine in saving your dignity at least.
—Guest BS

real 100% honey and water

after dinner or before u go to sleep by two or three hours take 3 spoons of honey in a cup of water... AND in the morning after u use the bathroom try to take 2 spoon of lemon in 8oz water and drink it .

gas & bloating

I have had constipation problems since childhood. With time it has gotten worse, The gas comes and goes and the bloating is most uncomfortable. I use gas-x from time to time, but the gas gets trapped and it becomes extremely painful. I made a wrap for myself to help relieve the gas because I didn't want to take medication day and night. It works with pressure and it pushes the gas out.


one thing i don't have is that gassy pain, it's just gas and bowel movements and the restroom beats every drug.lol

Right side

Laying on your right side helps release trapped gas. If you lay on your left side it will cause the pain to increase.
—Guest Hannah B

keep moving!

Sports do relieve my bloating, each time i bloat, i go for a 1 hr swim...
—Guest Warren wan

Hot bath

I have only recently discovered that hot baths work wonders for a bloated and uncomfortable tummy. The fuller the bath the better. Try laying in different positions too.
—Guest Skellyblob


I find moving around helps relieve the gas. Someone else mentioned Yoga. I like Tai Chi. It is great for massaging those internal organs to help the gas speed along and get out. So is ballroom dancing, of all things. Do a nice Latin dance with lots of cuban motion and the gas is gently encouraged to work its way out! Honest! (And you have fun and get your exercise at the same time!)
—Guest Esther

Gas & Bloating

I find that taking Psyllium husk prior to eating & peppermint capsules after eating help, you must however not eat any foods associated with IBS, e.g. red meat, red wine, but this is an occupational hazard of having IBS.
—Guest Lori

Definitely Tea

My favorite thing to drink when symptoms arrive is warm green tea. It helps immediately.
—Guest Tea lady

Activated charcoal; my saving grace

I order Activated Charcoal capsules online as it is more cost-saving. Two capsules as I need it; some days I don't, others I may take several throughout the day. If you can take them BEFORE you have symptoms, such as taking before you eat something irritating, then you will be ahead of the game. It has helped me feel more in control of the situation.
—Guest yellowrose


I find that although I can't eat most stuff, I use a probiotic, peppermint tea and psyllium husk.
—Guest angy

Walking & Peppermint

I hate getting bloated and it usually happens when I have overeaten. I do 2 things to ease the bloat 1) walk around, even the house for 10 minutes, or simply stand while watching TV. 2) sip hot peppermint tea (hot as in temperature, not spiciness).
—Guest KimEatandBe

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