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Readers Respond: How Do You Ease Gas and Bloating?

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Updated October 01, 2012

Since intestinal gas and bloating can be uncomfortable, not to mention embarrassing, it would be helpful to learn what you can do to ease your symptoms. Sometimes it requires a diet change, other times an over-the-counter product. Gas and bloating are symptoms that most people experience at one time or another, but rarely discuss openly how they deal with it. Here is a place to do just that: Learn what other people do to ease gas and bloating and share your favorite gas-reducing tip. Share Your Tips

Lay And Chew!

Lay down flat as can be on your stomach and chew really minty gum, such as peppermint, spearmint, or wintergreen!
—Guest Marg

Not known

Gas bloating and pain, seen Dr 3 times this week, still not too good.
—Guest Kalawati


I have Chrohns and just came home from the hospital after a minor flare up. I feel fine during the day, I eat like the Dr tells me and I try to keep moving to build my strength. But I dread the night because that's when the pain starts and it hurts so much I can't sleep in ANY position for relief. Pain and sleep pills do nothing. I don't even get a little drowsy. This is pissing me off and I need something to make it stop. I want to freaking SLEEP!!!
—Guest Can'tSleep


Have you tried the FODMAP diet? My specialist mentioned this - not much bread, watch what vegetables you eat i.e. no sprouts/broccoli/cauliflower and hardly any dairy. it takes a while to get used to but it really helps in the gas department. I sometimes couldn't walk!
—Guest Jaris Ash

severe bloating with dry mouth

severe bloating with very dry mouth and tongue and possibly difficulty breathing could be sign of low PH or low acidity of stomach. People take too many anti acid pills which lowers the stomach acids. Some people might have low stomach acid disease. if you have taken anti-acids like prazoles for long time for treatment you may be fighting with stomach fullness, bloating and gas now. too much of one thing aint always good.
—Guest Scoobydoo

Daisha's tip works!!!

I just (for the past 45min) experienced SEVERE gas; to the point that I felt nauseous and light headed. The pain was sharp and excruciating. I followed Daisha's exact tip and it worked instantly. I'm totally relieved!!! Thanks Daisha!!!
—Guest Jaz

Mustard Works Wonders!

Believe or not it will cure your stomach gas and bloating pains.. (Experience)
—Guest Helper


Please people, if you have not seen a gastroenterologist then you need to as Colon cancer and uterian cancer have these symptoms. Also, many other diseases as well that do have curses. Good luck and yes a good diet with same foods all the time help as well as a heating pad. Good luck!
—Guest New guest

A simple exercise....

Place one hand on top of the other and kneel on the floor. Lower your elbows and then forearms onto the floor and lay your face onto your over lapped hands. Spread your knees while leaving your bottom in the air. You can alternate the stretch by moving your back/spine. You will feel pockets of air at your bottom then just sqeeze out. Lay your head to the left for a few minutes and then to the right - it stretches out your intestines and allows the gas to flow through. Quick relief from severe pain and bloating. Do it through out the day and even on ten minutes intervals if pain is bad. You will feel your tummy deflate. I was told this via a doctor while pregnant - to help with wind, colitis, ibs and back pain. It really works.
—Guest Daisha

ulcerative colitis

I have ulcerative colitis 1.5 year now i take only 2 pills for that!! I feel 2 months now bloated in my left abdominal!! I was make all test and is all clear the only think is i have varicocele 3 grade my GI told me my colon is very good and i haven't problem with it but my Urologist told me varicocele make me feel that symptoms!! I am confused and every day i feel terrible!! Can be ibs symptoms? Thank you!!
—Guest Sotos

to pass gas

Eat a tablespoon of mustard, and in about 30 minutes it should pass through.
—Guest Dee Jones


I found a homeopathic preparation called Gasalia and its the best OTC product so far.

Get down!

I find that getting down and sticking your bum in the air also helps, as well as drinking lots of orange juice and eating lots of fibre.
—Guest No.

blood type diet

Find out your blood type and buy the book 'Eat Right 4 (For) Your Type'. Try the 'beneficial' category for your type and see if after 2 weeks you see a difference. It is based on your stomach acid and it's ability to digest foods. I just ate some food that is on my 'avoid' list and I'm suffering right now!
—Guest joyce


i have ibs and colitis and whenever i have severe gas and bloating a teaspoon of olive oil brings instant relief.
—Guest vladilyich

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How Do You Ease Gas and Bloating?

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